Fake Wood for Fire Place

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All the required materials.

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Step 1: Roll Some News Paper Around Your Cylinder

Wrap about 10 layers of new paper around your cylinder to make the base. Use Sellotape to secure them in place. The more layers you add, the longer it will burn for.

Step 2: Wrap Edges In.

Make sure you wrap them in nice and tightly. Tape them secure

Step 3: Fill Up With Tightly Paced News Paper and Propellentt

Next full it up with tightly packed newspaper and also spray all of the insides with some sort of propellant. I used GT85.

Step 4: Leave a Bit of Room

Leave a bit of room at the top so you can ignite it.

Step 5: Burn!!

Now simply light at the edge of te paper where you left a space.

WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage or harm done to you or any others. You are doing this instructable at your own risk.

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