Falcon Knex Assualt Rifle




This is my first knex gun i have ever built. I wanted to keep it simple, so you wont find much, if any innovation in this gun.
It features a sturdy, comfortable stock, true trigger, and a non-removable mag.
Here are some good old pros and cons:


-true trigger
-moderate range(40-50ft)
-moderate rate of fire(1 round per second)
-looks(thats my opinion)


-very heavy
-mag is undetatchable
-lack of inovation
-high piece count
-takes forever to load the mag(up to a minute)
-weak point where the stock meets the body

Step 1: Parts List (estimated)


tan clip-10
light grey-9
orange clip-2


pink (bendy)-3
yellow (bendy)-3


blue spacers-20
grey spacers-6
y connector-3
small black tyres-6
small black wheels (optional)-up to 12
2 small rubber bands
at least 2 big rubber bands

Step 2: The Stock

Build the stock-simple step but might take over 10 minutes.

1-what you will be building
2-build two of these (only one should have the blue rods)
3-build one of these
4-build two of these
5-build this
6-build this
7-build this
8-combine steps 5,6,7 to make this
9-add one panel 4 to panel 2
10-add panel 3 to step 9 (note grey rod with grey connector and two blue spacers)
11-add the second panel 4 to step 10
12-add the second panel 2 to step 11
13- collect steps 12 and 8
14- attatch

Step 3: The Handle

Build the handle. Should be very easy.

1-What you will make
2-gather these pieces
3-make this
4-make this
5-combine to make the finished handle

(you can also add black wheels to the handle to make it more comfortable if you want)

Step 4: The Main Body

The longest step of the instructable-should be easy enough though.

1-this is what you will build
2-make two of these(only one needs blue rods)
3-make two of these(white and blue rods should only be on one)
4-collect these parts
5-connect these two panels
6-add the next layer
7-the penultimate layer(long word =))
8-the final layer

Step 5: The Front Barrel

This is the front of the barrel-quick, simple step.

1-What you will make
2-make these panels
3-gather and make
4-combine one panel 2 to step 3
5-add the second panel to complete the front barrel

Step 6: The Trigger Mech

Should take 2 minutes max to build. Very quick step.

1-build this
2-another view

Step 7: The Front Handle

Almost exactly the same as the rear handle.

1-the finished handle
2-build this
3-make this
4-add them together to make the front handle

You're almost finished-hang in there!

Step 8: The Scope

A very easy step, although attatching the tyres to the white connectors may provide some difficulty.

1-The completed scope
2-build these
3-attatch them with two red rods
4-make these
5-attatch them to the scope
6-finally, attatch the tyres

You're almost done now!

Step 9: Extra Parts

Just some simple parts to make.

1-the ram rod.build it (you can also add tape so it can cope with more power)
2-the mag push.built it
3-dont know what to call this. but its very important so build it
4-finally build the bullets

you have built all the parts!!! Now for the fun part.

Step 10: Putting It Together

Yaay! Lets put it together!

1-get the front barrel and the main body
2-put them together to make the main barrel
3-get the main barrel and the front handle
4-put them together to make ....umm... the main handle?
5-gather the main handle (not the actual handle!) and the stock
6-put them together to make the main stock (boy this is getting confusing!)
7-gather the main stock and the trigger mech (also get a blue rod with two blue spacers)
8-put the blue rod through the trigger mech and attach it to the yellow connectors
9-put the trigger up into the gun to get the main stock mechanism
10-gather the main stock mechanism and the handle
11-put them together to make the main stock double handle mech
12-now gather the main stock double handle mech and the scope
13-put them together (lets just leave it at that)
14-now attach the extra piece
15-and put the ram through it into the barrel
16-and get the mag push and put it into the mag

Congratulations!! You have built the gun! But there are a few more steps to make the gun fire.

Step 11: Adding Rubber Bands

Now to add the rubber bands.

1-put a small rubber band here
2-put another small one on the trigger(but make sure it is strong) and put the big rubber bands on the y connector at the bac of the ram
3-where the two big rubber bands should go

Step 12: Loading and Firing

Ok now for the fun part!

1-load ammo into the mag
2-re-attatch the mag push and the rubber band so it is pushing all the ammo up to the top of the mag
3-pull back the ram

Then pull the trigger!!!

Step 13: Your Finished!



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    63 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 9

    o o i know what it is it is a thingy for a gun


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Since i had been off for like half a year, i don't have a bloody clue if i already seen this gun but i oughta say, very good job.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks-its nothing special really-very simple mech-i havnt built anything-off the site or from scratch-in about 6 months either =( -too much sklwork i guess-as well as too much xbox =p


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     wow thanks! ive really wanted to make another gun for ages-this one is way to bulky and doesnt perform that well-but hardly have any time :( also short of ideas-maybe halo 3 shotgun with pump action?


    9 years ago on Step 13

    YEAH! Sipriani V2 will always pwn the V3, weirdly enough... lol. And the R45 is great for beginning builders ;)

    7 replies
    DJ RadioSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Times have changed since your Sipriani v2. That type of gun is less impressive now.

    DJ RadioSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You know, these comments have made me want to post an ible about my guide to success.

    SkreetshaDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I don't think a lot of people will think it's necassery, so i wouldn't do it if i were you :/

    DJ RadioSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 13

    I've been getting tons of questions about my success.  I thought I would post it when I retire.

    SkreetshaDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 13

    Yeah, i guess so.
    If people are asking you to, then do it.
    I think you crawled past me on popularity btw.
    I'm only getting like 20 comments a week.
    When i built the Sip V2, i got three pages of 'em everyday.

    DJ RadioSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 13

    Nah.  You still have higher ratings and more subs.  You just need to comment more.  I only get tons of comments because I make tons of comments.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     yeah it is pretty cool-your hand machine gun is better though-
    i should really post my next instructable-its a dual-shot pistol, with a really strong true trigger and firing rod


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    hey by the way i'm making a small pistol that you'll probably have enough pieces for. Its actually more powerful, more reliable, and much lighter than this gun. I've just got to work on a few things before i post. it'll be 3 weeks max.