Fall Crafts: Scarecrow Lollipops




Introduction: Fall Crafts: Scarecrow Lollipops

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Dress up your Dum Dum as a scarecrow this Halloween in this fun fall craft from the makers of Dum Dums!

Here’s what you’ll need for this Scarecrow Lollipop:

• Dum Dums
• Googley Eyes
• Glue or Hot Glue
• Light brown felt or burlap
• Dark brown felt
• Brown ribbon
• Brown yarn
• Scissors
• Orange Sharpie
• Black Sharpie

Here’s how you make them:

1. Cut a piece of light brown felt into a 4” diameter circle.

2. Cut a piece of red ribbon into an 8” long length.

3. Center your Dum Dum within the felt circle and fold the edges down, so that your Dum Dum is completely covered.  Secure with
the brown ribbon.

4. Using glue, attach 2 of the Googley eyes onto the face of the scarecrow. Make sure the glue adheres before you let go!

5. Using the orange Sharpie, draw a triangular nose onto your scarecrow face.

6. Using the black Sharpie, draw a mouth onto your scarecrow.

7. Make the hair for your scarecrow by cutting some brown yarn into 3” inch pieces. Place some glue on either side of the scarecrow’s face and then gently press the yarn into the glue. Be sure to hold this for a minute or two to make sure the yarn sticks.

8. Cut a triangle out of the dark brown felt and fold in half to create a cone hat. Use glue to hold the edges of the hat together. 

9. Finally, add some glue to the top of your scarecrow’s head and place the cone hat on top, holding in place for several minutes to make sure the glue sets. 

Ta-da! Your Scarecrow Lollipop is ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

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