Fall Detection of Old Man Using Cayenne




Falling down is too risky to many old man. If they are fall, we must helping them as soon as possible before any bad bad things happened. The problem is we can't always keep watch their activities.

So, in this project we will create a prototype of fall detection to solve the problem above.

This device should send an alert to your email if fall detected.

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Step 1: Hardware and Software Required

Hardware needed :

NodeMCU ESP8266

MPU6050 triple axis acc gyro

Software needed :

Arduino IDE

MPU6050 library


Step 2: Circuit

Connect your NodeMCU to MPU6050 like the picture of circuit.

You can change your NodeMCU with ESP8266-12 (smaller than NodeMCU).

My plan is change NodeMCU with ESP8266 and add Li-Po battery with charger.

Trying to learn about ESP8266 deep sleep to preserve the battery capacity, so if no fall detection the ESP will entering deep sleep mode, and if fall detected it will connect to wifi and send an alert to mail.

Step 3: Programming NodeMCU

Import MPU6050 from github link provided before

Fill your cayenne token, ssid, and wifi password to the code.

Upload falldetection code to your NodeMCU


Step 4: Setting Up Your Cayenne Dashboard

Setup your cayenne dashboard, add a custom widget, choose two state widget and give it name, choose virtual pin V8 for connectivity, and press add widget.

Now press the trigger, give trigger's name, on if add the widget added befor, on then fill email with your email, and press save.

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    3 Discussions


    2 months ago

    Same error for me

    "Could not find a valid MPU6050 sensor, check wiring!"


    1 year ago

    It's not working.

    Same error for me

    "Could not find a valid MPU6050 sensor, check wiring!"


    2 years ago

    I followed your tutorial and when i open serial monitior it shows

    Could not find a valid MPU6050 sensor, check wiring!