Fall Inspired Makeup

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Intro: Fall Inspired Makeup

1. First I primes my face and then applied my foundation making sure it is all blended.

2. I then applied my concealer to my forehead, chin, nose and under eyes. I blended this out using a beaty blender. I then also set the concealer with some setting powder.

3. I then went in with a bronzing palette and contoured my face. So I applied this around my face and to my cheek bones.

4. I then filled in my brows. To make these perfect I went under the lower brow line with concealer. This helps clean the edges and make it a crisper edge.

5. I then used a silver colour and applied this to the lid of my eye. I done this with a wet brush so the colour was a lot more pigmented.

6. I then went in with a black and blended this out into the crease making sure there was no harsh lines.

7. I then went back in with the silver to replace any colour that was lost.

8. Then using a pink I applied this to the lower lash from the inner corner to the middle of the eye.

9. I then took the black and applied this to the lower lash starting from the outer corner to the middle.

10. I then used a red pink lipstick and applied a winged eye liner look. I then took the black eye shadow under the outer wing.

11. I then applied a gel liner to the water line and applied lashes.

12. Finally to finish this I used the same lipstick I used for the liner.

Hope you love thislook as much as me



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