Fall Leaf Wall Art



Introduction: Fall Leaf Wall Art

This simple project is a quick, easy decoration to do with children. It can be done in different varieties and you can add your own embellishments and extras to the project. I was able to do the whole project start to finish with a group of 10 people in about 30 minutes and for under $10.

Supplies you need:

Cardboard Square (cut to the size and shape you would like it)

Aluminum Foil

A leaf (one with a thick rib in it works best)

Adhesive Spray

Spray paint

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Step 1: Pick Size of Cardboard and Leaf.

Make sure your cardboard square is big enough that your leaf fits completely on the cardboard.

Tips on finding a leaf:
-- It is best if it is a thick leaf

-- It is best if the Leaf has a thick rib and veins

-- You could even add multiple leaves to make a design.

Step 2: Spray Sticky Adhesive

1. Spray the sticky adhesive on the cardboard box.

2. Spray the sticky adhesive on the bottom side of the leaf (make sure the spine is up).

Make sure to get a nice, even coat on the cardboard and leaf. You may need to go over them 2-3 times to get a good coat. The sticky adhesive will soak into the cardboard a little bit.

After you spray both things, let them sit for 2-3 minutes so the glue dries a little bit before you adhere them together. While they are drying for a little bit it is a good time to tear a square of aluminum foil of the roll for a future step.

Step 3: Put the Leaf Onto the Cardboard.

After the leaf and cardboard have dried a little with the sticky adhesive on it. Put the leaf onto the cardboard sticky side up. You want the spine of the leaf to be up and the leaf to be as flat as possible. Gently press the leaf down.

Step 4: Put Aluminum Foil Over Cardboard.

Put your square of aluminum foil over the cardboard. Make sure it is centered over the cardboard and that the leaf is flat. Once you put the aluminum foil down it should stick to the cardboard and leaf so gently push down the aluminum foil from the center to the outside getting the desired impression of the leaf. You don't want to leave to many creases in the aluminum foil.

Wrap the extra aluminum foil around the cardboard, gently pulling it as tight as possible and leaving a smooth look.

Step 5: Spray With Paint.

Spray with and even coat of paint, covering all the cardboard square. The leaf impression should show up really well. Let the leaf completely dry.

Step 6: Finishing Decorations (optional)

You can lightly sand the leaf, around the leaf, or the whole thing to give it a rough look.

We added Halloween ribbons to the back of ours to hang them on the wall.

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