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Introduction: Fall Out 4 Fan Art

About: Find me on YouTube.com/msmaomaoz and facebook.com/msmaomaoz.

My first time doing pen art!

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Step 1: Sketch It Out

I sat back and took my time sketching it out. I added a vault girl, bobble head, dog meat, and a nuka-cola quantum.

Step 2: Outline

Then I outlined it in black.

Step 3: Sky

Using a green marker I added toxic clouds, then I used a few different blues for the sky.

Step 4: Buildings

for the first buildings I used gray, brown, and blue. Then I used silver for the lamp posts and brown for the base.

Step 5: Ground

Using A LOT of browns I colored in the ground. Then I added a little yellow and blue.

Step 6: Details

I then colored in the cola and bobble head. I used mostly blues for the cola, then a little purple, brown, and gray. Then the bobble head I used yellow, tan, and gray.

Step 7: Second Building

This second building I used mostly grays and blues.

Step 8: Helmet

for the helmet I used grays, silver, brown, and purple.

Step 9: Outfit

lots of blues and some greens and gray.

Step 10: Details

used yellow on the outfit, grays on the belt, and tan and gray on the skin. I also used grays and greens on the pip boy.

Step 11: More Detail

browns for the knife, grays for the boots.

Step 12: Dog Meat

a lot of browns and black for mr. dog meat.

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    4 years ago

    You have more talents than makeup I see. A BIG thanks as usual and your painting is more than good enough to pursue. May I suggest that you spend some time and research painting then share your results when you apply them to canvas? Sure I can. Looking forward to viewing more of this type of art as you are a skilled artist.