Falling Freezer Shelves Fix




Do you have an older side by side that in the freezer compartment the white wire shelves & baskets fall down or sag? If so, then I have an easy fix for you.

Step 1: Falling Freezer Shelves Fix

Collect your supplies:

1 - 10 to 15 year old GE Profile Arctic side by side refrigerator freezer. With its original white wire freezer shelves and baskets that are about half an inch too narrow to stay put any longer

1 - bag of 20 pcs: Rubbermaid “C” clamp for white wire closet shelves – Lowes everyday low price $7.27

8 - zip-ties. I purchased the TwistTail by Thomas&Betts because they are temperature rated from minus 40 F – Lowes everyday low price $4.97. I doubt the longevity of the standard dollar store zip-ties due to the freezing temperature. Time will tell just how long these will last without cracking apart. They are very pliable. I also toyed with the idea of free green twist-ties from the produce section at ralphs – sounds just as “ible” as these – but hey, I was already at Lowes.

1 pair - Scissors or snips for the zip-ties

1- Husband - Ladies, this can be very useful to have in your supply stash. And, with proper care and maintenance will last for years and years. Mine is quite tall and intelligent - which of course requires higher maintenance. Seriously - worth every dollar.

Step 2: Get Snap Happy

The great thing is these little C clamps snap right into place…just like they were made for this – oh wait, they kinda were.

You only need the zip-ties for the two shelves to keep the C clamps from spinning. These C clamps will be installed horizontally. The C clamps for the baskets will be installed vertically. Open the bags and start snapping these little halleluiah sanity savers into their rightful place.

The baskets will be able to slide in and out as normal if you space the C clamps every couple inches. Zip tie the C clamps to the shelves as shown to keep from spinning. If you want to get more detailed go ahead and shave them down to fit exactly into the groove of the sidewalls of the freezer. I didn’t bother because I’m not using either of those freezer shelves for anything that must be bubble-leveled. I did zip-tie the C clamps in two directions where possible. Over kill. Yep. Like I mentioned earlier… halleluiah sanity savers. You know what I mean. Oh look, it’s the celebration vodka right there in the bottom freezer basket… gotta go.

Step 3: Shelf and Basket Installation

The baskets slide right in. The shelves are good enough for my needs.




The morning after…..yawn… wow I opened the freezer and my shelves & baskets are all right where they are supposed to be. It wasn't just a dream after all. Yippee.



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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    "Cool" idea (see what I did there?). I also saw an idea to use plastic or fuel line tubing split on one end to wrap around each side of the shelf. It takes up the wiggle space that's causing the shelf to fall in. Seems faster, cheaper. and more stable than these plastic clips.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!! This worked great I have a 2008 GE Profile model: PSSS9RGXCCSS and now the shelves stay up, are moveable and ultimately useful!! Was able to get everything at my local Lowe's with no problem.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    These shelves were driving me crazy and my idea didn't work. Thanks!!!

    thanks susie! After months of falling food found some c clamps and went to work my toes an feet Love you!


    4 years ago

    thank you all very kindly. I am also short one basket front... not sure how soon I'm going to make one (already have a great idea in my head - yes more Rubbermaid products...). I'd like to get a hold of that glue you used to hold the angle strip to the broken drawer. it looks very ible worthy.


    4 years ago

    I have that fridge but don't have that problem yet. one of the plastic fronts to one of the freezer pull out drawers is broken and that would likely fix it.