Falling Mouse Fix

Introduction: Falling Mouse Fix

How to stop your computer mouse from falling off the computer tray.

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Step 1: Materials

-Cardboard, make sure that its big enough to keep the mouse from falling, but small enough that it doesn't affect the sliding of the tray. Approx.12" x 5"-7"


-Stapler, one that opens

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Cardboard

Cut a rectangular hole for the mouse cord with a knife/scissor. Don't cut too low because your going to want to leave a piece sticking out of the bottom for support. Make it big enough for the cord to move freely. And don't worry about making it pretty, it'll be out of sight.

Step 3: Attaching the Cardboard

Remove the tray. Line up the hole so that it lays on the edge of the tray, there should be some cardboard above and bellow the tray. Staple generously to make secure.

Step 4: Final Step

Pull the mouse cord through the hole.

Put the tray back, check if it slides without any abrasion, if it does, fix.

Give it a tug to see if it works.

And you no longer have to painfully hear your mouse falling lol

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