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Introduction: Fallout 3 T-45d Helmet

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Hello, before I start, yes it's another helmet, I can't help it! I'm addicted! But after this I'm getting help, hopefully with the intervention I might be able to make something else for a while, like I don't know, armor or I really want to do some more wood work , but it's still bloody cold here, anyways I'm not sure, but I do know this, this helmet was a great deal of fun to do , it's another pepakura file, but it was a very basic file, the rest of the lid was made with found parts and making parts, lots of people cast there work then go from there, I don't cast, I make one offs, I think casting is fantastic, but I just don't have the time or money or space, maybe one day,
Without further a do, I present, my addiction, my muse,another bloody helmet.......

Step 1: Pepakura File Beginnings

Unfortunately I didn't take many actual making shots, most of the shots here will be static "head" shots, apologies, to be honest I got the pep finished and thought I wouldn't get much further, it was very basic I didn't see the point, but then I found some bits I thought would work, and I decided I'll fiberglass it and bondo it and see where it goes

Step 2: Bondo and Sanding

As before many times, after fiberglass I bondo, this part takes time, I put real thin layers on, sanding as I go and I started a new thing, I'll sand and get the bit I'm working into a good shape, then I'll spray it with any colour it's not important, what is important is looking for low points or bits that look wrong, the paint is unforgiving so it's easier to see

Step 3: More Bondo and Sanding

More bondo and shaping, all theses steps are basically sanding and looking at your work, what looks right and so on,

Step 4: Planning Out

Ok so skipping the days of sanding, we come to planning out, I've got the lid into some form of shape I like, I like to plan out what's what, helps me see the final thing and get my head around where to start and what I want etc, again not thinking to much about finishing it, more just the practice and trying to use real world parts and seeing where I end up

Step 5: Some Detailing

Ok so I'm this far in, might as well stick some detail in and see what happens, I ise stuff called multiput, it's for fixing car exhausts and things, it's two part putty you mix together and can mold and mess with for about an hour before it starts to go off, when it does go off it's rock hard, sandable but really strong , I love it!

Also I started adding real world parts, the light is made up from bits of a torch and a spray can lid, the white nose vents are old rubbers from a skateboard ( thanks Sam! ) the rivets are upholster pins cut down and glued in

Step 6: Paint

I'm not sure what order other people build but this is the way I do, I got as much detail as possible on the main bit of the lid then I start the paint, on this one I primed it with whatever was around, then I used hammeright smooth silver, it's good stuff and gives a good worked surface to weather later

Step 7: Weathering

Right paint is dry and time for one of my favorite bits, weathering, I use a black satin gloss and paint it sections, then use old rags to pat off or rub the paint, I get it how I want it and then add bits of browns and dark colours, till I'm happy, then I walk away, otherwise I'll do it to much!

Step 8: External Parts and Stuff

The main helmet is pretty much done, here I added bits and bobs to make it more like the game helmet, because I can't really afford to spend a fortune on my projects, I've been thrifty, the side bits that screw in are feet from a old unit, the arm that comes from the side is a metal ruler bent and shaped, the red eye piece is the top of a old spray can, the side pipe is a washing machine pipe, there's a small led torch on the arm which I've multiputted up to look old and fixed with a few found bolts, all then painted with the smooth silver then weathered to match the lid, then fitted, I've also started adding the LEDs to put in the main torch and red eye ( the LEDs are a ten string bunch of Christmas light with a battery pack all in one, all gathered up and glued it place)

Step 9: Nearly Done! Promise!

It's getting there, it always amazes me writing these up , it sounds so simple, but what you've just read is about. 6 weeks work, working only on a night after work and when the kids have gone to bed, anyways here we are, looking pretty cool right now, everything's tying in together nicely, pretty much just the main pipes and back bit to do

Step 10: Ten Steps Is Enough! Go Have a Cuppa!

The pipes where from a Hoover ( thanks Andy!) and cut to fit, the back of the pipes where there held was made by plumbing parts I had about, they fit together really well, I screwed the plumbing bit into the back of the helmet then fixed to pipe into them, added a few details with multiput and painting, with the multiput I had left I tidied up the inside where the pipes come in and other bits, also making the joins much stronger, anyways that's pretty much how I've made this one, I hope you like it, I'm really pleased how it's come together for no money really,

I will try to move on now, ( secretly I'm making a nord helmet mark 3! But don't tell anyone!) and I'll try to get out there and embrace the cold and get some woodwork done or start on a different project...................maybe!

Thank you so much for having a look , I hope you like the use of found parts and hand made parts, the thrifty way it's come together on a shoe string budget, I'm quite proud of this one , considering I wasn't going to make it to start with, and just see what I could learn ,

Thanks again and feel free to comment but please be gentle, I'm cold turkey with helmets now! ;)



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    what paper would you recommend this for A3 or A4?

    -appriciate it

    what would I do if I wanted to cast it in resin follow it up until step 2/3 or do something completely different?

    If you're making this for some sort of costume, I'd advise you to mix some brown paint and water, dip in a paper towel, and smudge it around to give it a more realistic weathered look. Came out great when I made it! Working on the chest-plate for it right now.

    So what is "multiput" is there another name for it? I can't find it. I know what bondo is. Is it some kind of epoxy. I was going to make a fallout helmet. I was going to to it without instructions etc. But i like the multiput thing to make some of the details but i Googled multiput and it doesnt seem to exsist.

    1 reply

    I'm sorry that's my bad, it's actually called milliput, but my predictive changed it to multi and I didn't realise, sorry about that, it's handy stuff, mix it like playdoh and then it hardens after about 20 minutes

    Nice. One of the best Fallout helmets I have seen so far on here. I will be attempting to construct this.

    If was wondering if you coat the entire object in bondo and sand it then resin it or is it the opposite I'm very confused on this

    1 reply

    It's Fibreglass resin, you can get it at most hardware shops, once you've made the helmet from card, then you use the resin to harden it up, once that's dry, then you use the bondo, yes all of the outside of the helmet, thin layers, sanding as you go to make the shape correct, hope that helps

    And I was wondering what type of resin do you use and how to use it as this is my very first time doing any of this

    one of my friends said he wanted to build a full suit of power armor but this is where i come in,i have to build the first model and if its OK with you can i put your instructables name on it and if you let me i will send u a Juggernog fridge with nuka cola of your choice but i also have to make one for Halloween during the summer

    where is the file? I want to build one

    can someone with a pro account please send me the pdf? would be much apreciated

    1 reply

    I've never seen it as a pdf, a pdo pepakura file is easier to get, I don't have it anymore, but if you search the Rpf.Com you might find a pdo or pdf file,

    Where is the pepakura prints?

    I can't download the designer on my computer, could someone put a PDF of the unused to print

    2 replies

    Hey great build! I have a question; can I use something else than bondo, because I can't get bondo in Denmark?

    1 reply

    Just use another brand of automotive body filler.