Fallout Badges!

Introduction: Fallout Badges!

Handmade/custom and easy to make but yet QUALITY Fallout series badges!

Step 1: Images You Will Need

To get the basics ready for your badges, I have put together the above PDF file for you to download. Feel free to use these images for your badges at all times! If you want to use another image for your badge, you can always just use these in the PDF as a reference for sizing etc. you can cut out (neatly) the images you wish to use as your badge(s). I recommend printing these images onto photopaper so they look glossy and have a slight toughness to them than regular A4 paper. However normal A4 paper will work okay!

Once you have downloaded that PDF, we can safely move onto step 2!

Step 2: Cardboard Backing for Your Badge

For the backing you don't want the cardboard to be thick. As you can see here, I have chosen this deodorant box I got as a gift set and flat packed it. It's at these points that you will need a pair of scissors because depending on the number of badges your wanting to make, you will need to cut reasonably sized pieces for each one. when you have cut a rectangle or square shape for your badge, you need to line the image you have chosen up with a corner from the piece of cut cardboard and then cut around the image for your backing to be the same size.

Step 3: Creating the Pin

The pin is actually relatively simple, and the main reason why the cardboard should not be thick. For the pin I used an old small stud ear ring that I longer wear and pushed it through the backing cardboard and attaching the ear rings backer, thus creating the pin that will be secure and sturdy enough to be pushed through an item of clothing. If you don't have an earring, cheap ones can be bought in most stores that will suffice for this task! However, if you don't wish to use an earring, you could always use a badge that is rather flat and wont stop the image from sticking to the backing cardboard.

Now to the next part folks!

Step 4: Gluing on the Chosen Images

For this part you will need a pritt stick glue or super glue if you feel the pritt stick won't be strong enough (the pritt stick worked fine for me guys and i had no issues with it at all :) ) and of course the image you have chosen to use. Apply glue to the back of the image and press the image onto the backing, smoothing out also.

last part up ahead! YAY!

Step 5: Finished Product... Behold... the BADGE!

As you guys can see, this is the finished product and I opted to use the New California Republic image since they are my favorite faction! This is the badge I made attached to a fleece, looks good right? Hope you guy's enjoyed making this badge and like my Instructable... See you all another day in another Instructable!


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