Fallout Caps and Nuka Jar!




Introduction: Fallout Caps and Nuka Jar!

This is the instructable for one and only Nuka Jar with the Caps to go with it! Enjoy creating!

Step 1: Step 1: Cap Decals


Use this link and print off the decals (preferably on photo paper, however standard A4 paper should work just fine as well). This is so they are the correct size for the caps and will give an authentic and big Fallout feel to them when you finally hold them as a finished product! You will also require a pair of small to medium sized scissors in order to get the shape neat and circular for the decals. This is so they give a neat and look correctly seated on the top of your bottle caps. Any pair from the kitchen should do, after all that is what I used! Now onto step 2.

Step 2: Step 2: Sandpaper Your Caps!

For this step you will need some sandpaper and bottle caps. Sandpaper can be found in nearly all DIY or building supply stores and are quite cheap. I used an assorted pack and used various sheets and didn't encounter any problems when it came to removing the paint of the caps I found. Speaking of caps... now onto them. Every time you have a drink with a bottle cap on it, be sure to save them up. The alternative of course to buy a pack of them from a store in your area or online from Amazon. On the plus side, they can found in most bars around the area. Once you have sandpapered all of your caps, we can now move onto step 3!

Step 3: Step 3: Painting and Gluing Your Caps and Decals

For this step you will need red acrylic or gloss spray paint and super glue. Once your caps are free from the original paint work, you can then lie down some newspaper over the surface your using and place all your caps down. You can then begin to spray over them all evenly. You can if you wish use the traditional way and use a thin brush and tinned red paint (gloss in this case) and paint gently over them. However, please note that painting them with spray paint takes so much less time to both complete and dry! Spray paint can be bought at almost any DIY store or arts and crafts stored in your local or surrounding area. Spray paint tends to leaves a smooth finish with no bumps in the paintwork, which in my opinion makes the caps feel like they are straight out of the game and into your hand. Now, once the paint is dry, you can now use your superglue. You only need a small blob in the center and then to spread it evenly over the top of the cap with a cotton earbud or even a lollipop stick, covering the surface ready to press on the ready cut out decals from the sheet in step 1.

Step 4: Step 4: the Nuka Jar!

For this step, just grab any old glass jar from the kitchen, clean it out and get it ready for your use as the Nuka Jar!

Using this link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Nuka-cola-jumpsuit-b...

You can find the same label I used on my jar (You may need to bring it to the size you want. Make 2, one for the jar and one for the lid). You could also get experimental and use your own label of your choice, just to add a more personal touch to it.

Using your super glue, put a blob on the back of the label you cut out for the main portion of your Nuka Jar and spread it evenly across the back just like you did with the caps and press down and smooth out the label, leave it to stick on its own. For the lid, you'll need to sandpaper off the original paintwork on it and then use your spray paint to turn the lid red, just like the caps and the famous color of NUKA COLA! Once the spray paint is dry, you can then cut out another label from the link (again, or your own if you'd like) and stick it down on the lid, completing your Nuka Jar!

After this, onto Step 5!

Step 5: Step 5: the Finished Product Is Here!

And this your finished product! At this point, your hard work has payed off and you should be very proud of your creation! WELL DONE! These caps can be used in the Jar as a nice desk ornament next to your PC, Xbox etc or even used for Cosplaying! (I haven't added damage or wear and tear to my caps as I wanted them to maintain a degree of Pre-War feeling about them. If you wish, you can rough them up and make them look as post war as you'd like) Thank you for viewing my Instructable and I hope you like your caps!

Step 6:

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    4 years ago

    Very cool! Your caps turned out looking great :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! Put alot of time and effort into those