Fallout Cardboard T51 Power Helmet

Introduction: Fallout Cardboard T51 Power Helmet

This is my third instructable and it greatly improves on my first. It is also my third fallout item my others being Nuka cola and t 45 power armor. I probebly won't make a full suit because helmets are easy but suits are more challenging. I don't know I guess well see

Step 1: Materials

You'll need a whole lot of cardboard, a whole lot of glue (Elmer's or super glue) and paint

Step 2: Building

Now take a sheet of card board and wrap it around your face, trim it so it overlaps a little and trim it to about an inch and a half above your head. Now cut downward facing triangles about every two inches making sure it is above your head mark. Fold the trapezoidal down to make a platform for the top. Cut eye holes in the same style as t 45, and super glue sunglasses lenses to the inside over the holes. Glue the visor over the holes to make it look like t51. Glue the two eggs together and put them over the mouth. Glue two circles together and put them over the eggs. Glue two circles next to the eggs. Glue the two long pieces around the back and the front to make hoses. Glue the last circle in the middle of the short piece and glue the short piece ends to the front letting the light seperate from the helmet.

Step 3: Pieces

First cut out all of you're pieces keeping in mind how big you need the helmet. The templates are listed above. You need five circles, one visor, two long pieces, two of the egg shape things (mouth), and two short pieces

Step 4: Painting

Now put painters tape over the lenses and spray paint it any color you want.

Step 5: Feedback

Thanks for reading this, if it helped anyone or if you made it I would like to know so I can make better instructables.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    wow. It looks like cardboard.


    3 years ago

    Maybe make it look realistic


    4 years ago

    If you have any tips I would love to hear them