Fallout NV: NCR Ranger Mask

in his instructable i will show you how to make a NCR Ranger mask from fallout new vegas

Step 1: Materials

for this build you will need two strips of card board that go half way around you're head and from your nose to your fore head. you wil need another strip from your nose to youre eyes. you will need three circles the same size to make a canister on the side. and two circles the same size to make the front. last you will need another strip to go the rest of the way around your head. and a lot of glue.

Step 2: Building

now cut out the eyes in one of the big strips. glue the smaller strip to the big strip so that it sticks out on the bottom doing the same to the second big strip. glue two circles to the front on the bottom big strip. draw the circle in thirds with a marker. glue three circles to the side to look like a gas canister. glue the last strip around the back so you can wear it. draw lines going out from the center on the canister.

Step 3: Finished

now you can walk around as an NCR Ranger! add this to other pieces to make a full helmet or other pieces to make a full suit or just wear i alone! please tell me if you are pleased with this instructable



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to write this instructable it's the only image the finished product?