Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum Light




In this instructable i will show you step by step on how to make a nuka cola quatum light

Step 1: Mixing and Casting

the first thing is i mixed up some concrete a lot thicker than the one pictured then i put it down on a piece of wood then i made a makeshift mould and used the glass bottle to make a indent after 12 hours i removed the makeshift mould and left to dry for a further 12 hours then removed from the base piece of wood.

Step 2: Weathering

then i mixed up some rust with water and painted on the concrete and waited until it has dried then added a clear coat to the rust to stop it frpm rubbing off

Step 3: Bottlecaps

I sanded down the bottle caps to get the paint of then i cut out the bottlecap labels then added a cote of clear cote to seal them

Step 4: Prepping the Bottle

first take the label of them bottle mine was easy just a plastic label then i printed of a label glued it onto the bottle and gave it a coat of clear coat next i filled the bottle up with water and added blue food colouring to it

Step 5: Adding Leds

i soldered part of an led strip to a 12v power source then glued the strip to the bottom of the bottle then i glued all the bullet and the bottle caps to the base(this first picture is an picture from earlier in the processes.

Step 6: Finished

now just sit back and look at your cool new lamp



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    This is so awesome. I would go through a radioactive field of deathclaws for one of these.