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Introduction: Fallout Perk Pin

About: Mechanical engineer, Colorado State University alumni, and member of Alamance Makers Guild.

Inspired by the perk pins on the loading screen of Fallout 4, the Best Game of 2015 (Porda Awards), these pins will let other wasteland wanderers know from a glance that you mean business. Although, if you have the sniper perk they may not get close enough to see your pin.

This project was made possible with the Autodesk Ember SLA 3D printer. You'll probably need an SLA printer to replicate at pin size, but you can also easily scale the model to print at a normal FDM size.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need the following snazzy items to replicate this pin:

  • STL of pin (found in next step)
  • Autodesk Ember (or other SLA printer)
  • Blue, yellow, tan, and brown acrylic paint
  • Eyedroppers for paint
  • 200 grit sandpaper
  • Black sharpie
  • Pin back
  • Hot glue

Step 2: CAD

Using Autodesk Fusion360, I copied the outline from an image attached to a sketch plane and extruded the features.

You can download the STL of the pin on the Thingiverse page here.

Step 3: 3D Printing

Using Print Studio, I prepped my print settings, standard CMYK, with a slightly longer exposure on the first layers to reduce curling.

The print came out beautifully from the Ember in 14 min. A quick dip in an IPA bath and the print is now ready to be painted.

Step 4: Painting

Using acrylic paint and eye droppers, I messily filled in the colored sections of the pin. I also used the pin back's needle to spread the paint into nooks and crannies. The needle was also helpful in removing some overflowing paint.

Step 5: Sanding

Using a very fine sandpaper, 200 grit, I removed the paint from the outline of the pin. Although the pin looks fairly nice, it was lacking a certain pop so I continued with a black sharpie which can be seen in the last step.

Step 6: Glue Pin Back

Using hot glue, adhere the pin back to the print. Simple enough.

Step 7: Further Steps

Possible improvements:

  • Use a black sharpie to accent the outline
  • Print in black and painting the grey sections with acrylic paint
  • Find a better way to paint small items (if you have suggestions, please let me know in the comments)

If you can think of any other ways to make this more awesome let me know. Or just let me know what your favorite perk is. I'm thinking about making a second pin.

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Ahhhhhhhhh! This is so awesome. I want the Black Widow perk pin for sure. :D

3 replies

Canon, but cut content (for obvious reasons) for the child killer perk.

2015-12-23 02_36_27-Childkiller - Fallout Wiki - Wikia - Waterfox.png

Thanks to you I found out about this perk and made the pin today! Thanks dude.

Is there a way to make them with out expensive equipment ?

1 reply

You can use an FDM printer with a larger version of the pin to produce at a lower cost. The Thingiverse page has both a pin-sized and 2x file, but you can also scale either file easily with MeshMixer or other STL editing software.
You can also try having the file printed by a service like Shapeways.

i am very interested to see how you extruded the vector can you please make an instructable on that part of it, i am lost and have been trying for about 2 days and am ready to give up. :(

nice work btw

1 reply

Good idea Lonnie. I'll make a quick instructable showing my process for that.

KMP es

2 years ago

I think its name is pain train. The last one in strength

Is there any reason you didn't just pull the pin from the game files? If you were interested in doing more of these, look up how to pull the meshes from the game files. Theres easy tutorials on extracting the mesh files and saving them as obj files for printing (or even converting to any other format you might need, obj works for me). I haven't tried the badges yet but they are on my to do list.

1 reply

Good point. I did want to use the game files, but I have Fallout on Xbox so I can't get the files myself. I checked online, but no one had posted files at the time I was doing this.
I also decided it would be safer to make the file myself so I could control the size and depth for painting. The in-game pins look a little shallow.
I would however love to try with in-game files at some point.

Ya I'm doing this, but on my FDM.


2 years ago

very clean execution! i would love to have access to an ember!

I love it. This is a winner. I vote for YOU.

You could make so much money off of this

I did it manually to get nice lines and honestly because I'm not the best at tracing and probably would have spent just as much time tracing the bitmap.

Yeah, unfortunately it seems like that's really the only way to get an accurate and clean vector especially for use in making 3d files. Working on the Black Widow now---will update when complete. Thanks for your quick response!

Awesome please do share when you finish. I'm currently trying out bitmap tracing. I was able to print the pin and I'll try painting it after Christmas festivities.


2 years ago

Great pin. How about printing in our castable resin and casting into brass?