Fallout Power Armor Helmet Tin Foil

Introduction: Fallout Power Armor Helmet Tin Foil

So this is my first instructable so please be considerate.

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Step 1: Beginnings

So first take a sheet of ton foil and fit it to your the front of your face. Then do the same to the back. Next, tape them loose enough that you can still slip it over your head. Then cut out the eyes in power armor eye shape.

Step 2: Moving On

Now take a water bottle and cut the cap screwer off and cut on the first line of the bottle. Tape this to the chin. Then take a can from any drink abd wrap it with Tim foil. Tape this horizonal on the back

Step 3: Revising

Now take more time foil and use it to cover the front of the face, making sure it is tight on the bottle. Cut out the eyes an fit another piece of foil on the top of you head.

Step 4: Vacuums

Now take the bendy pipe from a vacuum and use foil tape to tape it to the front beside the bottle. Tape the other end and tape k it to the soda can. Make sure to reinforce the foil tape with regular tape. Repeat on opposite side

Step 5: ______, Camera, Action!

Now that you are almost done use foil tape to tape a flashlight on the right side of the helmet. Then take another light and tape it below the other on the left side of the helmet.

Step 6: Completion

And you're done! More go fight done bandits and some radroaches.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Any chance you could post pictures of your process?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tip! I'll try to do that next time i make one.