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Hello this is my first instructable, and its my first helmet i have ever made. The ncr helmet with a few modifications. English is not my native language so bare with me.

First off download pepakura viewer http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/vie...

and the pepakura file by hugh


Materials you will need :

31x a4 Carton paper (thicker than normal paper)

2-4x Superglue

1x Scissors

1x Hot glue gun

4+ Hot glue sticks

Steel wire the size of your tube

1x Coka cola bottle cap

2-3mm thick foam pieces for inside padding

Small 7mm thick eva foam pieces for inside padding

Tube of your choosing i suggest something the size of the coke bottle cap

1x Tube locking thing

500g of fiberglass putty

500g of normal putty

1x Flashlight

1x Smaller flashlight

1x Antenna

Health and Security :

Use gloves,eye protection and a breathing mask when using putty.

Painting :

Black spray paint

Silver spray paint

Detail painting :

Acrylic colors blood red,burnt umber ivory black,phthalocyanne green and titanium white.

Silver marker for details

Step 1: Pepakura and Putting Things Together

Now open hugh´s pdo with pepakura viewer and print the pages, but before you print them all, test print 1 page if the lines or numbers are not on the paper then troubleshooting and instructions i suggest using this handy guide by Krsiak https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-Pepakura-Viewer/?ALLSTEPS .

Now if you have printed all the pages. keep the pepakura viewer open it will help alot when trying to see where what part belongs. I started doing my piece from page 21, just cut the pieces and look for the numbers on the other pieces same numbers always go together. Use superglue to glue parts together. Continue doing this with all the pages. remember to check that the helm part is your size if it does not fit just take some part off or make paper carton pieces to fit inbetween the parts. When making the side piece with the flashlights you will have to modify the paper piece to make lights fit inside. If you want to have the flashlight thing removable put a magnet on the side of the helmet.

Tip : make some holes on the circular part in front of the mask it will help you breathe.

Step 2: Fiberglass in Normal Outside

Now its time to put some fiberglass inside the mask. Make little patches of the fiberglass putty, if you make too much it will begin to dry and will be of no use to you. Spread it all around the inside of the helmet and let it harden.

When it is hardened it is time to cover the outside with normal putty, same goes here make little patches of putty so it will not dry up before you can use it.

Tip: Remember to cover the flashlight lenses with tape so they will not get putty in them

Step 3: Sanding and Painting With Spray Paint

Time to sand the helmet, now if you want it to have less holes and scratches put another layer of putty on it and sand it again. After that its time to paint it. I spray painted it silver and then put black over it. Next i used green acrylic paint to make the helm have slight green color to it .

Now its time for some detail painting. I used the silver maker to make the lines pop more and make some scratches, then i used white,brown and black to make it look dirty and make some blood marks usin red.

Tip1 : If you want to make the dirt pop put white on the spot you want and make circles with your finger and take some of the white off with paper, then put brown and black on it and wipe it gently with paper.

Tip2 : remember to cover the flashlight lenses from paint

Tip3 : paint the cola cap black now before you put it on the helmet in the next step

Tip4 : if you want to make the helmet part look more green do not paint it black use something else.

Tip5 : if you want you can make scratches using sand paper

Step 4: Adding Detail Parts

Now its time to ad the antenna and the tube to the mask. take the tube and make a wire the length of the tube and bend it inside the tube add more wire if the tube will not bend.

Now add the cola cap on the other end of the tube with hot glue and tighten the tube lock thingy around it. Attach the other end of the tube where you want, i put mine in the hole on the side.

Time for the antenna, i glued it with superglue and then with hot glue. Time to paint it with dirty by using white, brown and black.

Inside the helmet i used the 2-3mm foam to make it comfy and the thicker pieces to make my head fit snuggly inside. I glued them using hot glue.

Making the eye lenses. I used some red sheet protectors cut it into pieces that fit the eye sockets.Now if you have skiing glasses now is the time to salvage those lenses and put them on the eyes. They work much better then sheet protectors.

Thats it i think,you have now made ncr helmet with some modifications congrats !!

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4 weeks ago

the link to the pepakura viewing download has expired lol anyway there is another link i can go to, to view this?

2 replies

Reply 26 days ago

Are you sure ? Have you refreshing the download page ? If that does not work try again later. If it's still not working for you i'll try to find a new file.


Reply 11 months ago

Sorry thst it took me this long to answer. I havent used this site for ages. You have probably solved your problem already but just incase you havent. I would have tried to cut and add more paper to the backside of the helmet as it will not hurt the design much. Cuttin the paper parts somewhat same shape the helmet is will ofc be recommended. Hope you had fun making your helmet


1 year ago

What about using fiberglass resin as a base for the entire helmet before adding either fiberglass putty or regular Bondo putty?

This one guy on YouTube was making an Iron Man helmet and he first applied fiberglass resin before using Bondo fiberglass putty.


2 years ago

Even think of casting that and making a mold? I was thinking of doing that with mine

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Nah i doubt i will ever make a mold. One helmet is enough for me and i do not have any space where to keep the molds, but i wish you the best for your molding project if you decide to do molding.


2 years ago

Armored Skeptic? Nice. I was just watching Milo so it made me like you more.


3 years ago

Do I miss something or isn't there any antenna .. xD?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

It´s there trust me. you just have to look at the pictures. The one i used was old wireless antenna.


3 years ago

Is this an easy project or do I need to be experienced for it?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

this was my first i did. No need for much experience. Something you need is nerves when puttin it together


3 years ago

Saw this posted on 9Gag after I saw it here. Did you post it?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Yeah i posted it on 9gag. There i got the idea of making this tutorial