False Bottom Wooden Box

Introduction: False Bottom Wooden Box

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to construct a secret box using next to nothing.
Things you will need:

Wooden box
Something to hide
Scissors/razor blade
Paper clip

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Step 1: Find a Box

For this step, I took a junk box I had sitting on a shelf filled with junk. Just make sure its deep enough thay you can have a substantial hiding area and regular area.

Step 2: Making the Paperclip

Take a regular plastic covered paperclip.

Bend it into an 's'

Cut at the middle

Bend into a G shape

Cut off plastic with a razor

Step 3: Remove Bottom/Clean Bottom

The bottom of my box was lined with felt. If your box does not have a bottom, I suggest cleaning it. I'll get into the bottom making in the next step.

Step 4: Create the False Bottom

For my bottom I took the felt off and glued it to a piece of cardboard. There was some glue stuck to the bottom which I removed with a razor blade. If you are making a false bottom, cut a square slightly smaller than the box and then attach the felt. Cut around the felt until it is a good fit.

Step 5: Establish Stands

Get something that will hold your false bottom up. I chose to use cardboard, which I cut into equal strips and folded into a "z" shape. Replicate this 5 times and use glue. I couldn't find my glue gun but Elmer's glue will work. Set the box aside to dry.

Step 6: Make an Opening on the False Bottom

I tore my false bottom while removing it, so I made it into something where I could stick a paperclip into to remove it. If you didn't screw up like I did, try cutting a smaller more discreet hole in the corner.

Step 7: Load Your False Bottom

Whatever you want to hide in your box.

(money, gems, drugs, million dollar Picasso, etc)

I just put the stuff from my last secret hiding place Instructable in mine.

(My glue was still a little wet when I took this picture)

Step 8: Put Some Junk Inside

Load the false bottom with some random junk, or with its original use, like if you had this filled with buttons or screws do the same thing. Make sure you have the paperclip to open it.

Step 9: Your Box Is Done!

Close it up. Your stuff is hidden from the prying eye. Thank you for checking this out, try it out, enjoy! Vote for me! :)

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