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Thanks to this "FUN"CTIONAL and easy project,I  no longer have tons of cups all over the house. You can choose your color scheme and pattern. Or you can make a different coaster for each person in your family.I just love the handle and the fact that you can create your own look. You can even keep changing the look, the tiles are only 16 cents each. Why not make them for every holiday or birthday.They would be great party favors. Make yours and share it here.

If you have a son who loves spiderman, you could print a picture off the internet or maybe you have some wrapping paper.Use your imagination and have fun.

I added one extra step to put pics from any other instructable members who want to show off their own coaster trays. Please post a pic in the comment section if you want me to put yours on here.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Modge Podge(*or you can make your own) =1 part elmers white glue /1 part water
paint in the color of your choice
scrapbooking paper in the pattern of your choice
foam paint brush
4 inch ceramic tiles from home improvement store
a piece of wood long enough to fit all of the tiles you want
2 drawer pulls
clear coat spray
dowel caps for legs (optional)
letter stickers (optional)

* I think that Modge Podge will last a little longer and it does dry quicker.

Step 2: To Get Started

Cut the scrapbooking paper to fit your tiles. Use your foam brush to paint a light layer of Modge Podge, then lay your square of paper on top. Start at the middle and  smooth out all the air bubbles and make sure that your paper is centered .You will have to move quickly because the Modge Podge dries fast. Wait about 10 min, then paint a  coat of Modge Podge on top of the paper. Wait  20 min. and then paint another layer. Then put the letter sticker  on. And you will want put about 2 more layers of Modge Podge.(waiting at least 20 min. between coats)

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Paint the legs. Mark and drills holes in your board for you drawer pulls. Paint your board, when its dry you can attach your drawer pulls. Glue the legs on. Spray 2 layers of clear coat on all the coasters and your painted board.  You can glue down your coasters if you want but I chose to Velcro mine. That way I have the choice to take them off if I want to from time to time. This is such a fun project I think I will make more tiles in different colors  or different holidays like Christmas or Easter. Have fun creating .

Step 4: More Versions of the Family Coaster Tray- Thanks for Sharing

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Thank you so much for your vote...fingers crossed ; )
This site has definately opened me up to my creative crafty side. It is lots of fun.


6 years ago on Introduction

I'm a HUGE fan or this idea and my wife is a huge fan of anything Modge Podge, ha! Thank you for a great Instructable.

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thank you. I really love it. I actually do less dishes because of this pretty little tray. and I had so much fun making it. ; )