Family Feud Marshmellow Shooter Style!





Introduction: Family Feud Marshmellow Shooter Style!

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Ever wanted to spice up your dull family get together? With less then $20.00 dollars in plastic plumbing parts you too can have a family feud!

Step 1: Supply List

You will need the following:
18 six inch sections of 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe
36 1/2 "L"s
36 1/2 "T"s
36 1/2 "Endcaps"
90 three inch sections of 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe

Step 2: Ammo

For groups of 20 you'll need about 6 bags of small marshmellows. It helps to divide them into smaller snack bags for ease of handling. It also lessens the smaller brush wars breaking out over who has the marshmellow bag! There easier to eat that way too!

Step 3: Innovation

The great thing about marshmellow shooters is if your full of hot air you can blow anything out your shooter! But its a lot of fun to add pieces, subtract pieces make a tool that suits YOUR needs! Long and complicated for those long shots. Short and stealthy for sneaking up behind you unsuspecting uncle.

Step 4: Range

Whether you have a lot of lung power or not. You'll have marshmellow projectiles flying 10 to 60 feet away. Depending on your stalking style

Step 5: Environmental Clean Up

After the carnage is complete, make sure that part of the fun is to collect all the sent marshmellows. I make sure I offer a monetary rewards for the best and most marshmellows picked up. Then no one will complain that you've had your fun and left things better then when you came!

Step 6: In Memoriam

Thanks to: Instructables, Howtoons and the Maker fair for enriching my life and the lives of those around me with great ideas for inspiration.



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    Thanks SSamuel3

    This is the same Idea as the other youtube.
    I've made nerf shooters that have a range of 100 or so feet Maybe I could adapt them ! ;)

    Thanks for the kind comments again


    Thanks SSamuel3
    I've made nerf shooters that have a range of 100 or so feet Maybe I could adapt them ! ;)

    Thanks for the kind comments again


    I just built one of these this weekend from plans I found on another website. We are making marshmellow shooters for a cub scout den meeting. I cut and bought enough PVC for seven guns but I couldn't wait till our meeting next week and had to build one. One son and I had a great time targeting my daughter and her friend. These things are surprisingly accurate and really a lot of fun. The guns cost me $2.03 a piece! What a deal! The ants in my yard were eating the marshmellows that were not picked up so I was helping feed insects that help keep my lawn green that produces oxygen to fight greenhouse gases. So the way I see it, wasting marshmellows is good for mother earth.

    What a great idea. It looks so fun and you get to bean the little ones in the head and I bet they laugh about it. Wasting marshmallows shooby? Come on get real. Oh BTW who is the "Hottie" in the into pic? Is that you tigger46?

    3 replies

    Hey Mr. RigIt! Thanks for your voice of support! I wonder sometimes if people forget how to be nice? BTW I'm a crazy 52 your old man, the picture is that of my cute under age niece. But she says thanks for the compliment!!

    Ahhhhh...... right after I wrote that I knew I should have said cutie not hottie. She looks 19 or 20. Now I feel like a sick perv, nauseous and all. Sorry about that, thank you for telling me. What do you teach? (per your bio)

    I do appreciate the cleanup effort though. Very environmental. But wasting food is not! Somewhere in China a factory exists where men and women are spending their lives producing marshmallows, for Americans to throw on the ground! Ah, land of the plenty. Love it!

    5 replies

    As if marshmallows provide sustenance :P. Chinese children would play with these too :P.

    Certainly in the cities, I think, where Chinese people are even more materialistic than in the U.S., children might throw away food. But in rural China, a food consisting entirely of highly refined sugar is considered a source of sustenance. A simple experiment could be conducted to prove this: Feed one sample of mice unlimited marshmallows, and starve one sample, and see which sample lives longer. Of course, this would be a waste of good mouse meat, which after living in China for 20 years, I've seen people eat on numerous occasions. We can think of marshmallows as disposable toys and mice as pests, but people who have less would consider it a heinous waste not to eat both.

    Thanks ARVash! Thanks for reminding me that there are nice people here in this site

    hey thats realy cool but dont you need a licence of some kind because it is a gun - cop says

    1 reply

    Hey Kicker109! Maybe the question should be to you? If we're using lung power to throw marshmellows around in public. Do we need a license?