Family Guy Automata




I was inspired while I was watching family guy when Peter was fighting a giant chicken. I thought it would be cool to make an automata of the two characters fighting.

Step 1: Family Guy Automata

Firstly the characters where designed using zbrush,i started by adding an reference picture I found online.and started to sculpt using the following tools clay build up, to add clay to the sculpt h polish, to flatten the clay dam_standard, to make groves and lines in the clay move elastic, to push and pull the clay

Step 2: Family Guy Automata

once happy I printed out the two figures, if you like the sculps download the attached STL file

Step 3: Family Guy Automata

next for the box and gears its best to use the online software tinkercad. you just need four flat sides to make the outer walls I used 3mm thickness for all the walls, and then two of the walls at 50mm x 150mm and the two end walls at 50mm x 80mm. the top is a 50mm x 150mm like the side walls but this time with two 50mm x 10mm holes for the guide rods to fit in. the two end walls now need a 5.5mm x 5.5mm round hole 40mm up the wall for the gear rod to fit. once that is done select all and group everything to make one object, the gear rod is a 160mm x 5mm round rod with a 2mm x 2mm round hole then select the rod and 2mm round hole and group them together , and finally the gears start with a 8mm x 8mm x 5mm rod with a 5mm x 5mm hole in the middle next add 2 square rods 20mm x 20mm x 5mm and put them at right angles to each other making an L shape with then, select and group them together, copy and paste the L shape 3 more times then place them at 45 degrees from each other and select and group them together with the rod and hole just made, then select the finished gear to then copy and paste the second gear. after that 3d print all that you've just made or just use the attached STL file where its already for printing.

Step 4: Family Guy Automata

Once all the support material was removed, I painted the figures using molotow paint pens referring to an online picture of peter griffen and the giant chicken to get all the colours right and give them a more realistic look. Then I glued a 50mm piece of filament to the underside of the right hand on each character. After glueing the figures to the base (making sure the filament on each hand was inserted in the holes on the box) I inserted the rod with the handle into the box. And then, sliding the gears onto the rod as the rod went outside the other side of the box. Finally, I lined up the gears and made sure everything was working properly.



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    MikebitObsidian Man

    Reply 2 years ago

    It's the name given to art / toys that uses gears to make things move as you turn a handle. It's also a movie with Antonio Banderas lol


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. Could you just check that I have entered myself in the 3D printer contest ??

    Thanks again Mike