Family Organization Center - Using Common Office Supplies

Introduction: Family Organization Center - Using Common Office Supplies

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Back to school can be a hectic time. You and your kids are trying to get the daily routine down again. I find that it helps me to have all the info in one spot in my house. Here is my back to school family organization center ( and all year long) it has:

* “homemade” dry erase board.

*color codedto easily see what I need for each kid

*“homemade” duck tape lunch money pouches so your kids don’t forget

*small cork board to add pictures or any info that needs to be seen


*school schedule

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Step 1: Common Office Supplies Needed

I happened to have all these things on hand, I hope you do to.

*wood board -big enough to fit what you need or to fit your wall
*binder clips
*clear plastic sleeve
*pens and dry erase markers(I got mine at the 99 cents only store)
*small cork board optional (I got mine at the 99 cents only store)
*thumb tacks
*duck tape
*post it note
*velcro(I got mine at the 99 cents only store)
*rubber bands

Step 2: Getting Your "homemade" Dry Erase Board and Calendar Ready

You can paint your wood board if you want.(I chose not to) cut the calendar I have so that you have all of just the months not the decorative pictures. Attach all of the months to your board with a large binder you go through the months you can either throw them away or just out it behind all the other months.

Make a template with your kids’ name and husband if you want : ) and some lines underneath so you can write notes for upcoming events or things your kids need. Print it out. If you notice I put each kid’s name in a different color. That’s because I will write anything pertaining to that kid on the calendar in that color. That saves me time. Attach it to the board using thereusable adhesive.

Step 3: To Make the Lunch Money Pouches

First draw a templateof the size you want the duck tape pouch to be. Cut it out. Neatly lay the duck tape over the paper to just barely cover it. Then peel it off your table and fold the sticky ends over. Don’t worry that will be the inside. Feel free to cut any parts that overlap.Fold the duck tape paper up so that the bended part will be the bottom of your pouch. Duck tape the two sides to close them the top will be your opening to put lunch money in daily.

Use scissors or a hole punch to make a hole in the top part of the back of your pouch. Push the rubber band through, then put the other end of the rubber band through itself. Use the same method to connectyour rubber band to another one so you will have a little longer “hook ” to hook over youe binder clip.

Step 4: Attach Pen Holder and School Schedule

Attach Velcro to your pen holder so that you can attach it to the board. Fill it with your dry erase markers and the pens that match your kid’s color codes. I chose purple, green and blue for mine.

Use a large binder clip to attach your school schedule orperhaps info about an upcoming field trip or an award that your child got. Tip: if you put it in a clear plastic sleeve you can at notes to whatever you put in there with the dry erase markers.

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