Family Room Re-do, a Year in the Making



This is a story of the dark outdated 1970's paneled old family/TV room. One of those rooms you know has not been updated since the dinosaurs walked the earth!

Over the course of the last year, I have been working on remodeling my 1970's family room. First, I had to remove 3/4 inch plywood paneling, fake foam beams glued on to a plaster ceiling and a mural from plaster walls. Next, was painting dark brown trim and walls because I was trying to avoid having to scrape the glue off the ceiling from the horrible fake foam beams. Eventually, time ran out and the room needed to be completed so after debating several options, I decided to do a knock down ceiling texture. I was shocked at how amazing it turned out especially since this was the first time I had ever attempted such a feat. The next step was flooring and finish off the trim!

Now that I am only steps away from being finished, I need to think about furniture and decorating the room. The room is intended to be turned into an office/creative space for me to capture new memories that will last a lifetime. I envision an L shaped desk, book shelves and a couple of comfy chairs.

I grew up in this home and my son has spent the majority of his life here as well. I can only hope that he will be sitting here in 20 years writing about his experience remodeling this very same room.

Thank you for the chance to win the room of my dreams!




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