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Introduction: Family Tree Quilt

I made this Quilt for my favorte Aunt who I use to live with a long time ago and help me out and who also lot her son of age 47 in January of this year who I was really close to:
This quilt starts with her mom, dad, my two aunts, my dad, then her three sons, her husband and then their two granddaughters.
I put their date of birth, day they passed, I also had the family crest of the last name of my mammy and pa that I added on their.
I have not mailed this too her. this is going to be a surprise.
I just started this Quilt a couple of weeks a go a finished it today so hope you enjoy it.

Supplies used

Quilting Pattern Arbor Rose
20 Brown Squares 9 1/2'
12 Gold Squares 9 1/2 '
9 Burgandy Squares 9 1/2 '
Material for the border
Queen size battling
Muslin for backing about 2 1/2 yards long x 64 ' wide cut to fit
Embroidary Machine
Safty Pins
Heirloom Embroidary Picture
Fabric Photo Frabric
Quilting spray
Small  Bowl
Roter Cutter and Mat

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Step 1: Sewing the Top and Photo Frabic

By following the instruction on the Arbor Rose Pattern I used by computer and downloaded the pictured I wanted to put on the quilt. So I would place the photo frabic in my printer and run it through, the follow the instructions on the back of it to get the pictures off. You so have to let it set so the ink sets. Then I cut the pictures to the size I wanted and sewed then into the middle of the squares. I had layed the quilt top on the floor first and put small pieces of paper with the names of where I wanted them to go and sewed away. I uses a Heirloom stich on my computer.

Step 2: Embrodiary Names

On my computer I have 4 D Family Photo to set up my names and date of birth along with date of death
It would let me set the format of the size, Spacing, and style I wanted to use, and then save each name
Name Traditional (Script) Adina Size (0.630) height 1.5
Dates ( size 0.276) height (1.2)
Used the on point demand for the set up
I did this for all names and would go back and check to make sure they where all the same size and would fit in my embordiay frame
Embrodiary Frame is the all do quilter hoop.
You have to use stabler on the back side of the material while you are embrodiaring.
I embrodiared all 9 names on then.

Step 3: Heirloom Embrodiary

Next I embrodiared using a heirloom design and embrodiariary 12 of the brown squares and 2 of the gold squres. I had to use the 4 D Family Potarit program so that I could use the on line point set up. This took several times but I made a couple of practice tries before I actually started. When you do do the embrodiary work you have to use the all do quilters hoop, stablier, and the color of thread. The color of thread I used is Green, Pink, Blue, and then a trapsey color for the flower.

Step 4: Cutting and Sewing the Border

Cut four Border About four 4 feet long 5 1/2 ' wide folded each one in half and ironed them, made sure they were wrong side out so then when I started to make the scallop edges i could mark them by using a small round bowl. I would place the bowl about half way and draw a line. i did this all the way down on all the strips. Then i sewed along the lines with the machine, and then trimed between each one. After this was all done I turned them all right side out and Ironed them.

Step 5: Quilting and Added the Border

After I finished the border, I layed the Muslin on the floor after it was ironed, the batting, and then the tops of the quilt. I also used somoe quilting spray to help hold all three layers together so that it does not slip. I would press and iron out the wrinkles with my hands and use lots of saftey pins. I started in the middle of the quilt by quilting with stitch in the ditch., this is just sewing in the line as streight a possible, I used clear thread for the front of the quilt and white bobbin thread for the muslin. once the three layers where quilted I trimed it and then sewed on the bordered by the same style of quilting.

Step 6: Extra Pictures of the Photo Frabic

This is just a few more pictures of the photo frabric. I would have love to have taken pictures as i was actually making this but I am the only one at home in the evening and my dog would have a hard time taking pictures of me working on this, so I hope my instructions work. If not the instructions for this quilt top is on the Exotic Rose pattern I just change it up to my own pattern as i go along.

Step 7:

Step 8:

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