Famous Painting Re-Creation and Revitalization

Re-Create a famous painting by focusing on the contour lines of the original. Next, use the elements and principles of design to revitalize the familiar work in a fun new way. As an added splash of pizzazz put YOURSELF into the art work by snapping a photo of yourself and gluing it into place.

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Step 1: Contour the Original

Print off a picture of the photo you'd like to re-create. Use a thick marker to contour the most important lines. Do not focus on any small detail, just include enough lines to give you the outline of the picture's subject.

Step 2: Trace the Lines

Use carbon paper (or the window technique) to trace the contour lines onto a blank sheet of paper. For an advanced challenge, try to free hand the contour lines onto a blank sheet of paper.

Step 3: Add Elements and Principles

Select a medium to work with and use it to add in Elements and Principles of Design that will make your revitalization come alive.

Step 4: Insert Yourself

Pose and take a picture of your face. Upload the image to your computer play around with size and colour. When you are satisfied, print out your picture. You can then cut and paste it into your art work.

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    Uncle Kudzu

    4 years ago

    Haha, that looks like fun!