Fan Hat

Introduction: Fan Hat

I made this hat so I could cool off on sunny days it works very well but is also pretty dangerous considering it is so close to your eyes.

Step 1: Battery Pack

The hat is powers by two AAA batteries

Step 2: Motor

I used a small motor from a sewing machine Then got some spare plastic andante a small propeller

Step 3: Base

The base is the thing that holds the Battery pack the motor and the switch I took some aluminum and bent it in this shape ________ \ ___/ Then drilled a hole in the top, glued the switch in then used double sided tape to tape the battery pack to the top then I used zip ties to connect the motor to the bottom

Step 4: Connection

I took the wires from the battery pack ran one through the switch then connected it to the motor the other one just connected to the motor

Step 5: Attaching Base

I connected the base using rivets

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