Fan Toy Car




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Make a simple Fan Car in ten minutes by using:
A really powerful motor
Paddle pop sticks
A propellor
A battery pack that four aa batteries

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Step 1:

Hot glue six paddle pop sticks side by side.

Step 2:

Hot glue two paddle pop sticks side by side.

Step 3:

Add hot glue to combine.

Step 4:

Add hot glue to lego wheels. Put one onto each corner.

Step 5:

Hot glue battery pack onto back of car.

Step 6:

Hot glue paddle pop sticks to side of the motor. DO NOT GLUE ONTO HOLES.

Step 7:

Hot glue the bottom of the paddle pop sticks to the side of the wheels.

Step 8:

Wire up negative to the bottom of the motor and positive to the top.

Step 9: Enjoy!



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