Fan Blade Fun

This is a practical joke that can be played in summer.
If I get good feedback from this joke I might put up others.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need.
Electric ceiling fan.
Chair or step ladder.
Either rice or
confetti or
small cups of water or
flour or

Step 2: The Set Up.

On a hot summers day get a chair or step ladder and stick some confetti (other suggestions in step 1) up on top of the fan blades of the ceiling fan.

Step 3: The Fun Part.

If you are in a classroom say to the teacher that it is really hot in hear and if you could have the fan on. Then all the stuff that you put up there will rain down when the fan speeds up! If you have done everything correctly it should waste about 10-20 minutes. HOORAY!



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    12 years ago

    You can also shove the stuff in the air conditioning vent too and ewilhelm Im putting some diagrams up soon as well as a couple of pics.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    oh boy i remeber once i was at my friends house and me and him put a many stuffed animals on his ceiling fan as we could then we turned it dang that was fun

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    11 years ago

    I remember someone who did that then one of the "objects" got stuck in the motor then boom! a large bang was heard throughout the halls

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    12 years ago

    I don't remember having ceiling fans in the classroom, and if I did, I don't remember when I could have set it up without being caught.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    better use the aircon, we had those wall mounted types, we would shred very tiny tiny mega tiny pieces paper and pour it in there when it is closed. Start of the class when they would turn it on and all pieces fly out....


    11 years ago on Introduction

    our classrooms dont have ceiling fans, but they do have AC along on wall of the room, and we put like flour (home-ec),or shredded paper in the top when they turn on it goes shootin everywhere fun fun

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    in 7th grade, my friends and i poured a half gallon of elmers glue down the ac vent, along with pens, pencils, lead, thumbtacks, etc. almost every thing possible. our school also gave out rights and responsibility cd, we broke them and a couple windows in the gym at lunch. we also broke several celling tiles and lights. those were the day without ritilin, or adhd meds..... boy that was fun


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Another fun thing to put on top of the fan blades are little plastic spiders. We did this to my sister who is deathly afraid of them. Definitely fun to see a 30 year old grown woman screaming and rolling on the floor.

    Yeah, Captain Underpants! I forgot about him... Great Instuctable, This would be even more super funny if you put an atomiser sysem on the fan. Then when the fan speeds up, it rains!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    if your a nerf fan, put a bunch of nerf darts on the fan blades, and when your nerfer friends are over tun on the fan.