Fan Light Lamp.

Introduction: Fan Light Lamp.

it's clip on lamp with a fan built inside.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

you will need a clip lamp a power supply cooling fan some LEDs and a power cord that puts out the same volts as fan.

Step 2: Take Apart.

take apart lamp remove light socket and switch. for power I used a drill battery charger that puts out 11.5 volts. the fan I used needs 12 volts so it's close enough.

Step 3: LED Lights

I used a 3 led black light bulb and took out the lights with the board holding the solder the positive ends together so they all power on when wired.

Step 4: Wire

now glue LEDs to fan an solder light wires to the fan wires. I bought a switch for lamps so it would look the same. you can put a switch anywhere on the wire if you can't get a lamp switch. I used hot glue to seal soldering but black tape over that to hide exposed wires.

Step 5: Put Together

now you can glue in the fan LED into the lamp head and flip it on. now you should drill more holes in back of lamp head for more airflow. use different LEDs for better light or turn the fan the other way so it blows away from light. it's good for soldering because it blows the fumes away and lights up what you're working on. this is my first one so it could use other add ons but this works fine for now. please give feedback if you have any questions or other things to improve the lamp.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Looks really useful for a workbench setup....for soldering I can see this working really well