Introduction: Fan

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I will show you how to make a cool fan using a cpu cooler

Step 1: What Do You Need?




-Arduino nano (you can use any other microcontroller)

-A cable

-Clip for Battery

-3D printed parts(You can download mine or make your own)

Step 2: Fan Cables

You first need to conect the fan cables like shown in the picture. The black to the GND and the red to one side of the pushbutton (You don't need the yellow cable so you can cut it or just leave it to one side).

Step 3: The Battery

You need to connect the red cable to the 5V and the black to the GND of the arduino nano.

Step 4: Cable

You then need to connect another cable to the 5V of the arduino nano and to the other side of the pushbutton.

Step 5: Finally

The arduino nano should have ended up as shown in the photo and finally to make it beautiful you fit all the cables, battery and arduino in the 3D printed parts.

Step 6: Result

Your final result should be a simple, cute and useful fan.



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    +1 @bhalliday. The arduino serves no purpose here. It doesn't even seem like you are using PWM here.

    That's a neat way to reuse one :) Do you have the stl files for the print?

    3 replies

    Yes sorry I have just uploaded them in the instructions of the first step

    You could easily make a stand for something like this out of scrap cardboard. It might not be as sturdy as 3D printed parts, but it would be completely adequate nonetheless, and would cost little to nothing. Also, I agree with other commenters - there is no need for a microcontroller. A simple toggle switch and appropriate power source is all that's necessary to operate a small fan like this.

    Good job!

    why are you wasting an arduino?