Fancy Cosplay / Theatrical Hats

Introduction: Fancy Cosplay / Theatrical Hats

These hats were made for Cinderella's ugly step sisters in a school play costumed by Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga. These are super easy to make with just a little creativity and minimum skills with hot glue.

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Step 1: Materials and Instructions

To make beautiful hats to match your cosplay or theatrical costumes, you only need a basic form and a few odds and ends.

  • Bridal Hat form or Straw Hat
  • Krylon spray paint or Anita's Acrylic brush paint
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Assorted Feathers
  • Hot glue gun & sticks
  • Optional 1/4 inch elastic or headband

    Purchase a Bridal hat form or Straw hat from a Craft store or Costume shop like Beauty and the Beast. If you use the hat form, either spray paint or craft brush paint will work. If you use a Straw hat, do not use spray paint, as it will crack off in time. Both Krylon & Anita's come in a wide variety of colors to match most outfits.

    Turn the hat upside down and paint the underside first. Allow to dry. Flip over and paint the top side.

    Pull flower heads and leaves off the stems and arrange on top of hat as desired. Add feathers, bows, jewels or tulle. Keep moving things around until you have an attractive arrangement. Carefully remove and then hot glue pieces back in place a few at a time. Don't forget that you can also add decorations to the underside of the hat.

    If hat is going to be used during active performances, adding a chin strap to secure it is a desirable option. If you would like to have a look similar to those worn on the side of the head as seen at a Royal British wedding, you can hot glue the hat to a headband.

    For more detailed information on basic hat decorating, please visit the Beauty and the Beast Blog.

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