Fancy Flip Flops

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Here's an easy way to embellish those inexpensive flip flops! It only took me about an hour to decorate these, This would make a great slumber party project for a girls ages 10 and up.  I'm going to wear these to the 4th of July parade. I think I'll make several in different color combinations to go with different summer outfits!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

a pair of inexpensive flip-flops.
cotton rags or old clothes.
needle and thread

Step 2: Cut Fabric Strips

It's very important that you cut the fabric strips on the bias so it does not unravel.
Cut 2 strips about 1" wide by 22" long.

Step 3: Wrap Fabric

Locate the middle of the fabric strip and place it around the rubber part  of the flip flop that goes between the toes. Cross the ends of the strip and begin wrapping it around one side of the flip flop, overlapping slightly. When you get to the end, secure with needle and thread. Repeat for other side. Now cover the other flip flop in the same manner.

If you need to sew 2 strips together to make it long enough, place the seam in the center so the fabric flower will cover it. 

Step 4: Fabric Flower

I love making fabric flowers! You can sew or glue them on all kinds of things. It's also important that you cut these out on the bias also. Cut a strip 2-1/2" wide by about 20" long. Fold in half lengthwise and using a needle and thread, sew a running stitch along the cut edge. Gather to about 7 or 8 inches. evenly distribute the gathers and begin rolling up one end, securing with a few stitches every few inches. Continue rolling and sewing until you get to the other end. Repeat for the other flower.

Step 5: Sew Flower Onto Flip Flop

With needle and thread, sew fabric rose to the flip flop. Repeat for other flip flop. Now, aren't they cute?  



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