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Handmade leather earrings are cute and fancy. you can make earrings in different color leather scrap with different patterns. I love feather earrings so I made a pair of leather feather earring and some simple fancy earrings. To make these Pretty earrings, you will need leather scrap in any color, fabric paints and earring kits.

Step 1: Supplies Needed and Pattern

Leather scrap

Fabric paints : Gold, Red, Silver

Earring hooks

Jump rings

Jewelry plier


Cello tape

Paper and pen

Step 2: Making of Leather Tribal Feather

Trace and cut the leather scrap with the reference of outer layer of pattern.

Tape the leather (see image) and paint it with gold fabric paint.

Once it dried out , remove the tape.

Now tape the next layer and paint it with red and silver fabric paint. Let it dry for sometime.

After drying time, remove the tape and draw dash line using gold fabric paint in the middle.

Cut fringe on both sides .. Tada! feather is ready :)

Step 3: Making of Leather Feather Earring

Poke a hole on one end of feature using jewelry plier.

Grab jump ring and earring hook, connect one another.

Now connect the feather with top of the jump ring.

Step 4: Making of Leather Earrings

Cut the leather scrap according to the pattern.

Using gold fabric paint, draw some design on the leather.

Poke a hole on one end of all features using jewelry plier.

Grab jump ring and earring hook, connect one another.

Now connect the leather with top of the jump ring. Repeat the same for rest of the leather.

Step 5: Leather Earrings

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3 years ago
Check this diy feather earrings tutorial


4 years ago on Introduction

Great Color Scheme. I especially love the Gold tips in the first pic.


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