Fancy Metallic Paper Lantern



Introduction: Fancy Metallic Paper Lantern

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These are easy craft ideas which shows how to make Fancy Metallic Paper Lantern by easy steps. Fancy Paper Lantern are very beautiful. You can easily make these Metallic Paper Lantern with this video tutorial. Learn how to make Fancy paper lantern for Diwali, Christmas and home decoration.

You will need:

  1. A4 Metallic Paper sheets
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue stick

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Step 1: Mark at 1.5 Cm in Two Sides From the Bottom and Top of the Sheet

Step 2: Draw Lines to Connect These Points

Step 3: Mark at Each 0.5 Cm From 0.5 Cm to 28 Cm in Two Sides Through the Line

Step 4: Draw Lines to Connect These Points

Step 5: Cut Off the Part of Paper As Shown in the Photo

Step 6: Fold It in Half

Step 7: Cut the Paper As Shown in the Photo

Step 8: Fold the Paper in Two Sides

Step 9: Make a Rectangle – 29 X 15 Cm From the Sheet of Gold or Silver Paper

Step 10: Apply Glue to Join Two Sheets of Paper As Shown in the Photo

Step 11: Do the Same on the Other Side

Step 12: Roll the Paper and Glue Edges

Step 13: Glue the Handle From the Piece of Paper

Step 14: Our Paper Lantern Is Ready!

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