Fancy Resin Pendant




Introduction: Fancy Resin Pendant

Hey guys,

Today I'll be showing you how to make a fancy looking beautiful Pendant that you can gift for your loved ones. I'm not an expert in resin casting and I might have used an irregular way to make this project but it worked for me so I'm happy :D

This project was made by me (Abdullah Al-Dar) in FAB LAB Dhahran

في هذا الدرس سنتعلم كيفية صناعة ميدالية بمادة الرزن

Step 1: Requirements

This might not be the regular way of making molds but I figured I'd try to make it using the Modela MDX-20 from Roland.


  1. Modela MDX-20 milling machine (or any milling machine with similar specs)
  2. Milling Wax
  3. Liquid Resin
  4. OOMOO Liquid Rubber
  5. Pigments/Colorants
  6. Cups
  7. Stirring Sticks
  8. Sanding Papers (I recommend Grits, 200, 400, 800 & 1500(optional for ultra smooth finish))
  9. Universal Mold Release Spray
  10. Glossy (or Matt if you don't like glossy finish) Coating Spray


  1. جهاز حفر
  2. شمع حفر
  3. رزن سائل
  4. مادة لعمل القالب
  5. ألوان
  6. أكواب
  7. عصي تذويب
  8. أوراق صنفرة
  9. رشة لماعة

Step 2: Milling & Making the Rubber Mold

I won't go into details on how to use MDX-20 but I'll give some tips that I used

  1. Surface, rough and finish milling the wax. The 3D file is included.
  2. For Surfacing and Roughing the wax I use Ball Tip tool(bit) with diameter of 1/8 inches.
  3. For finishing I use 1/32 inches Ball Tip tool.
  4. After you mill the wax make sure to clean it.
  5. Gently mix as instructed the OOMOO liquid rubber and pour it into the mill. Wait until it becomes solid (I waited for a full day)
  6. As you might have noticed one of the molds was a failure due to the fact that the hole didn't form well. Pour slowly to prevent this from happening. You might be able to use a needle too to poke the hole and ensure the liquid is filling it completely.
  7. Your mold is ready!

  1. قم بحف التصميم لتكوين القالب
  2. قم بصب السائل في التجويف و اتركه لينشف
  3. استخرج القالب من الحفر

Step 3: Mixing & Dying the Resin

  1. Measure how much resin you need by pouring water into the mold and then measuring how much milliliters you need using a measuring cup.
  2. Mix the resin as instructed by 50/50 ratio.
  3. Add as little as possible of the pigment/color and mix for a few minutes until the mix is uniform.
  4. Be gentle when mixing to make sure not too many bubbles are in the mixture.
  5. Spray the universal mold release as instructed.
  6. pour the mixture into the mold and wait until it dries out.
  7. From my tests sometimes the resin doesn't becomes very solid after the suggested curing time so I leave it in the sun (or UV light) for a few hours until it becomes solid.

  1. قم بقياس كمية الرزن المطلوبة لتعبئة القالب
  2. قم بخلط المادة بنسبة 50% من كل نوع
  3. أضف اللون المرغوب و اخلطه
  4. صب الخليط في القالب و اتركه ليجف
  5. يمكن ترك الناتج في الشمس ليتصلب اكثر

Step 4: Sanding & Finishing

  1. The pendant might not be very smooth after getting it out from the mold so we can now sand it gradually using 200, 400 then 800 grits.
  2. Also note that the bottom surface of the pendant (the top surface that you poured into the mold) will rise up from the sides and edges so it will need some harsh sanding with the 200 grit.
  3. Make sure when sanding that you do not focus too much on one side. Also, using water and soap when sanding will make the job easier. Make sure to dry it afterwards from any water remains.
  4. When you're comfortable of how your pendant looks you can coat it with the glossy finish.
  5. Spray evenly on the pendant until you cover all of the surface.
  6. You can also make the pendant hang (with a thread/wire or something) before spraying to ensure all sides of the project are sprayed evenly.
  7. Spray lightly and as always, make sure to read the instructions on your Spray Can.

  1. بعد الإنتهاء قم بصنفرة المنتج تدريجيا
  2. لا تضغط بقوة على المنتج أو تركز على جهة دون غيرها
  3. بعد الإنتهاء يمكن رش المنتج بالرشة اللماعة
  4. قم بقرائة التعليمات على الرشة

Step 5: More Tips & Final Thoughts

Now that the project is done what could we have done differently?

  1. We could sand the inverse mold (wax) before pouring in the liquid rubber so that we don't have to sand every new pendant.
  2. As for the colors you can try different ones since from my experiments most acrylic paints work wonderfully.
  3. You might be able to do a two colored pendant. For example you can mix red pigment into the resin and then pour to cover just 25% of the mold then pour clear resin for the other 75%. You can get creative and discover as much as you want.
  4. Also, you can add objects in the resin before it cures.
  5. As you notice there are bubbles in my finished pendant which I believe can be removed while the resin is curing by using a heat gun. (when using the heat gun don't focus too much on one part and use low-medium temperature)

Thanks for reading through my tutorial and I hope you enjoyed it :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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    FABLAB Dhahran

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    Thank you chado :)

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    Your welcome! tell me how the contest goes!

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    FABLAB Dhahran

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    FABLAB Dhahran

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    Thank you Simran :)


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    Very pretty! And I actually LIKE the bubbles!

    FABLAB Dhahran
    FABLAB Dhahran

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    Thank you Izzy. I wanted to originally make it crystal clear but I experimented on this project for a long time already and wanted to move on. Good thing it turned out to your liking :D


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    I would love to see a photo of this necklace on a chain and someone wearing it! You could enter it in the Jewelry contest.

    FABLAB Dhahran
    FABLAB Dhahran

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    Thank you so much for the comment. I'll enter the contest and see if it impresses people :D