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Introduction: Fancy Paper Pots

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Dont want to spend money at stores for overpriced plastic pots but dont like the look of basic news paper pots well i have a solution to your problem here is the fancy paper pot and in my project i will tell you what it is and how to make it!

Step 1: What Is a Fancy Paper Pot

A fancy paper pot is actually a paper maché pot that can be used as a normal pot.

fancy paper pots are easy to make look good and can be made however you want them to look

Step 2: Basic Materials

Step 3: Paste

  • cinnamon is a natural fungicide that will help prevent the growth of fungus on the paper making the pots last longer.
  • there are more notes on the other pics just click on the pic and mouse over the box

Step 4: Add Layers

Step 5: Remove the Base Cup

Step 6: Time to Paint

Step 7: Finishing Steps

Step 8: Thanks for Viewing

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  • now have fun making your own fancy paper pots :)



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    4 Discussions

    Besides newspaper could other paper be used? I make greeting cards and was wondering if card making paper could be used. Gawd knows I have plenty of this paper that I throw out daily. Even cardstock? If I could do this I'd love to give it a try, I do not get the newspaper!

    Is the finished plant pot water proof? Since the pot has no drainage, how do you control the amount of moisture around the roots of the plant (at the bottom of the container)?

    I really like this idea, because it's so much cheaper than when you buy those in store.

    And you can decorate them the way you want! :)

    But can they handle long-living plants?

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    i made these so they could last it really depends on how many layers of paper you add but it should last for a long time as long as you dont over water plus the paint has latex so it adds extra water proofing