Fancy Punk Masquerade Mask

Introduction: Fancy Punk Masquerade Mask

Today’s blog post will be my step by step guide to creating His and Hers fancy punk masks for a masquerade ball. The inspiration for this set was a photo sent to me of a mask online from my customer. But of course I felt like it was a bit too “simple” and plain. So I knew I would jazz it up in my style of course. I do make masks completely from scratch, meaning similar to unique and original Venetian masks out of paper mache.

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Step 1:

So first things first, we started out with 2 full face, tie on masks, primed in advance. Like these shown below. We then draw our guidelines of where we want them cut and I used an Exacto knife to cut them and turn them each into half masks. Now some of you may be wondering why I didn’t simply buy half masks already made. Those really don’t have a large enough surface space and I wanted it to be a bit more custom. Once I cut them, I also sanded the edges to make sure they stayed smooth.

Step 2:

Next, we paint the masks. I used a black satin spray paint for one and a white semi gloss for the other that both had primer in them to ensure there was a nice even coat for a base paint. I used acrylic paint for the design on the surface as seen on the surface. It takes at least 24 hours to dry, surface will still be tacky for a day so its best to wait before adding other details.

Step 3:

Now we work on the trim for the female mask. I used an 20 inch long piece of white satin fabric, trimmed the edges, and sewed a hem on all 4 sides. Then, once hemmed, I folded it in half, tucked in the sides and sewed it together with a gather and pleat to get the puffed ruffle piece you see featured. Then, once I had this piece I realized it was too long and I really didn’t want to cut it and re-hem it, so i folded it in half, and sewed it together again so it would become a fuller, double trim/ruffle.

Step 4: Just a Continuance of Step 3

An additional photo showing the next steps of sewing in half, etc.

Step 5:

Now its time to start adding some final touches and details. Now this is the cool part I enjoy that adds a quality feature to the masks instead of glued on trim and detailing. Nothing wrong with using glue, but you always want to ensure the life of a custom made product. For the ruffle and feather piece, i actually sewed it onto the mask on my sewing machine. No special needle, the material the mask is made from is a super pliable plastic. It isn’t hard at all. Very soft and supple actually.

Step 6:

Then we add the cool screw on studs and some beautiful Swarovski crystals for an added touch after the ruffle and feather trim. I used an Exacto knife to create the small holes just large enough for the screw back to fit into.

Step 7:

Now we add the cool chains and ear hole spikes with the satin ties attached through the ears you can see in the photo above and below. I chose a beautiful, sterling silver thin chain juxtaposed with a gun metal chain. I measured each piece, depending upon how long I wanted it to hang against the face. I created a hole near the nose and used the already existing ear hole that the tie backs are in to hang the chains from.

Step 8:

And now, a bit of a simpler mask, the male mask. This one we simply let minimalism do its work. We added spikes to the earholes with black satin ribbon, and a sharp angled brow on the mask. I used the same application process of using the Exacto knife to create the holes and screw in the spikes.

Step 9:

TADA!!! All finished. Here are a few to die for finished photos. Take lots of photos. Enjoy!

Step 10:

Take lots of photos of your finished piece in action!

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