Fancy Three Part Braid.




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Intro: Fancy Three Part Braid.

Here is a favorite hair stile of mine. It is quite simple to do. Any one with long hair can do this, it looks great with any outfit!!

Step 1:

Make a low ponytail.

Step 2:

Insert you fingers through the lower part of you ponytail and separate.

Step 3:

Now "flip" your ponytail through itself and make a inverted ponytail.

Step 4:

Now separate into three separate strands. And make three separate braids. Rubber band the braids together.

Step 5:

Take the braids and insert the end of your three braids into the top of your ponytail and bobby pin it there, Make sure that it is tight and will not fall out. It is a quite quick hairdo.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Love this style!  Remember that Topsy Tail or whatever on the infomercial that had a stick with a loop on it to do what you just did with your bare hands?  And I always get compliments on just that part of the ponytail, so I know this one will work for me that much more.