Fangs DIY Using Fake Nails

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This is a simple and cheap diy to do. All the items I got from the dollar store. Beats spending anywhere from $12-$50 on fangs to wear.

For instructions on this DIY you can also watch the video above.

Things You Need:
Fake Nails

Nail File

Denture Glue

Find the nail size that you want to use.

Take those nails and file them down into a point like a fang!

Then Take the denture glue (dont worry, its safe and doesn't ruin your teeth) and glue the nail onto your teeth. Make sure the denture glue you get is WHITE or CLEAR.

And now you have some custom fangs! These seriously looked better on me than any fangs I've purchased in the past!

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    2 years ago

    This is amazing! Now I'll have to change my Halloween costume plans so I can wear this. Thanks for sharing! One question: How do you take them off?