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Wanna make your favorite logo, symbol, or meme as ab illusion? its easy!!! all you need is household items!

Step 1: Materials

•Painters tape
•Two phones
•A picture of what your making (I used my tablet)
•Charging cable

Step 2: What Do U Want to Make?

I decided to create the superman logo because it seemed like it would be fun to make. once you have an idea of what your making, its time to go to the next step!

Step 3: Download an App

I used stop motion to make the illusion because you can connect to another phone as a remote camera. so, download Stop motion on one phone, and an app called Remote camera on the other.

Step 4: Location/Setting Up

You can make your illusion anywhere, but just find a place to create it. Once you have an idea of where your going to make it, set up of your phones somewhere and plug it in. Run the remote camera app on the one you have plugged in. With the remaining phone, launch the stop motion app. Press new project, press the camera button, then the three bars in the corner, then press the camera with the arrow going down. You should see your other phone as an option to press. Press it and you should see what the other phone sees through the phone your holding.

Step 5: Time to Start!

Use your phone as a visual to see if your illusion is correct.

Step 6: Depth Technique

Heres the tricky part. on my back wall, the tape is thicker so it gives it the illusion that its the same size.

Step 7: Finnished!

Mine took about 3 days to make. I dont really like how the top of the S turned out, but over all, it looks pretty good! Thanks for for reading and i would love to see what you guys come up with. If i didn't do a good job pf explaining, ask questions it the comments! I'll be sure to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks!!!



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    1 year ago

    I want to do this too but I assume you have to spend a lot of time moving your tape around while monitoring the end result on the phone. For a quicker and more precise way, when a projector is not at hand or not practical, isn't there some cool way to build a quick moving pen laser which "paints" the outlines for you to paint on? It would offcourse be much more work than using a projector but it allows for much greater distances to be covered (where a projector light will be too dim).

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Introduction

    What a creative solution! At first, I didn't know what you meant by making an illusion. But now I can see that it's a picture that only comes together when viewed at a certain angle. I love your idea of using a camera (on one phone) to give you a perspective on your workspace (using the other phone). That technique could be used for other pieces of art that require perspective but wouldn't be able to use a stencil from a projector.

    1 reply

    Thanks! I came up with this method myself actually. I use it in lots of projects and it truly does help. Feel free to tell anyone who would use this or use it yourself.


    3 years ago

    Another way to do these is using a projector, if you have one. Just place the projector where the viewer head should be, project the image on the walls and paint over it.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Yes you could, but i just didn't have a projector laying around so i used my iphone and my ipod touch.