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Introduction: Fantastic Festool Fence Fix

This fix is actually a little upgrade – necessitated by a knob stripping out.  Ever since I bought this saw (around 2000/2001) I’ve been irritated with a few minor design issues.  In general  it’s a fantastic piece of equipment, but it could be better. As time goes by,  I’ll be replacing most of the knobs on this fence with bicycle style cam-lock quick-releases.

This fix involves replacing the set knob on the saw-fence with a camlock/quick-release locking system from a bicycle.  This is to replace the original steel bolt/brass and plastic knob combo.  I understand the need to have brass on steel locking,  and I can also say that replacing the original knob with a new Festool knob is not expensive, but my fix makes this a little better and easier to work with.

Brass in plastic knob stripped out after years of loosening and tightening (and over-tightening).  The actual strip occurred on a day when it was suddenly a lot colder than the previous day,  so who knows,  the temperature difference may have had some influence on the whole process.

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Step 1:

Remove the stripped brass and plastic knob, bolt, and the aluminium spacer (little piece of pipe that prevents over tightening and damage to the lock-tab.)

Step 2:

Insert the quick release skewer and mark the point where this should be cut – be generous – it’s easier to trim it again if it was cut too long.

Step 3:

Cut new thread on the skewer.

Step 4:

Insert the skewer, nut and aluminium spacer and tighten the nut while “feeling” the cam-lock to determine the ideal pressure.

Job done!  Enjoy how quickly you can now set your fence!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    !00% behind you on the design issues... but now... by following your excallent example I can save my fingers fiddling about with this silly wee locking wheel... first class photographs...