Fantastic Finger Fidget Flipper for Free




Who needs a spinner? Feh! Make this little doohickey and actually develop some dexterity when you use it!

Step 1: You Will Need:

Scissors or a PVC pipe cutter

Two Coke brand plastic soda bottles with caps (any size or type of Coke product should do, as the caps are interchangeable)

Super glue

Step 2: Cut the Tops Off.

Use the scissors, large sharp knife, or pipe cutter to remove the top of the bottle. You want to leave some flange (1/8 inch or so) as it will help the adhesive bind better.

Note: It is much easier to use a pipe cutter. If using anything else, take your time -- the neck is much stronger than you might expect.

Step 3: Screw One Cap on to the Threaded Part.

Step 4: Add Super Glue to the Rim and Attach Other Cap.

Step 5: Flip and Fidget Away!

This is nice because it's silent (unless you drop it the first few times until you get used to it.)

You can fill it with nickels for more weight, or use it as a small storage container.

Step 6: Yes, You Can Spin It, Too!

As it turns out, you can spin it like a top on a table -- it goes for a long time!



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    1 year ago