Fantasy Architecture




Exploring the ideas of cropping, layering, collage, and space, create a fantasy architecture space using found images from google and the free photo editing online software,

Step 1: Explore Pixlr is essentially a free, online, version of Adobe Photoshop.

Log on to your web browser, go to to begin a new photo collage.

Step 2: Gather Images

Go onto or another search engine of your choosing, and gather a collection of architectural images that you, as a viewer, engage with.


Try to find images of relatively the same size. For example: 750x800 and 600x723, rather than 100x45 and 2316x750

Find images with interesting lines and shapes, things that can be cut out of their rectangular format to create a new and more interesting shape.

Step 3: Open a New File

Begin by creating a new file, it's easiest to begin with an image rather than a blank canvas, so open an image from your computer. Select one of the images you've gather.

Step 4: Removing Excess Information

By using the Lasso tool, you can remove unwanted background information.

Select the Lasso tool, draw a complete shape around the area you would like to get rid of, and click Delete.


The more precise you are with the Lasso tool, the better lines you will end up with.

Be careful you select the information you want to get rid of, not the information you want to keep.

Step 5: Layering

You can add more images to you collage by clicking Layer, Open Image as Layer, and selecting the image you want to add.

The new image will appear on top of the first layer.

Just like if the images where cut out from a magazine, to rearrange their order, you simply need to rearrange their layers.


Labeling your layers can help you stay organized.

Be sure you unlock your background layer, otherwise you won't be able to move it.



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    Woah this is gorgeous, I love how combined different buildings to make something so spectacular! Welcome to instructables!