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Introduction: Fantasy Film-Cherry Piece

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For this instructable I'll be telling you on how to use fantasy film, for this piece we are making some cherry's. Always create a fantasy film piece in a well ventilated area. Also be very careful when using this as it does stain and IS PERMANENT!

Step 1: What Fantasy Film Includes

The first image is what it looks like when you open the box, you get:
- 4 fantasy film liquids
- wires
- a polystyrene pad
- and a collection of decorations

Step 2: The First Step

Take a wire and form it into a circle shape, to close of the circle you need to tie the wire by twisting it around the start piece. This stops the fantasy film escaping therefore letting it fill the middle of the wire.
I wanted two cherries so I did this twice. You can have as many as you want.

Step 3: Dipping the Wire

Once you have the two circles ready open the colour of fantasy film that you want. The tubs can be quite difficult to open so I used a plastic knife and spoon which eases the lid off, but be careful when doing so.
Once the lid is off hold the wire by the twisted end and quickly dip the circle in making sure that every part is coloured, just like how you would dip a bubble blower into the bubble liquid

Step 4: Letting Them Dry

Once you have dipped the wire it needs to dry so place the long twisted end into the polystyrene to let it dry.
Whilst the two circles are drying you now need to grab another wire and create a leaf shape and once you are happy with it twist the end and get ready to dip into the green colour

Step 5: Putting It Together

Once the circles and leaves are such you now need to put them together.
First grab both circles and put them where will look good, then you need to twist both ends of the cherries around each other which can be difficult as they have been twisted a lot. To add the leaves use the same method as when putting the cherries together.
After your happy with the placement of it all you need to cute the remaining wires, I used scissors for this but it was quite difficult to do but please be careful when cutting the wires

Step 6: Final Piece

This is how my outcomes cam out, I also made a blue ring, if you would like to see how to make the blue ring please like and share this instructable.

Thank you for reading

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