Fantasy Football Lineup



We will explore the basic concepts of building a fantasy football team

Step 1: Understanding Depth Charts

For most Fantasy Football leagues you will need the following

2 Quarterbacks

3 Wide Recievers

3 Running Backs

2 Tight Ends

2 Kickers

2 Defenses

Some leagues will allow extra running backs and wide receivers but this here is the typical depth chart

Step 2: Weekly Lineups

You will typically be playing the following lineup each week

1 Quarterback

2 Running backs

3 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Kicker

1 Defense

Step 3: Bye Weeks

To make sure you can fill out the weekly lineup you have to make sure that our players have different bye weeks...if both quarterbacks are inactive the same will not be able to get points from the quarterback position

Step 4: Injuries

Minor injuries: utilize your bench players in your lineup for the following week

Major injuries: if a play is placed on IR or has an injury keeping him out for multiple weeks you may have to cut that player and pick up a free agent to fill your teams roster

there are limited bench spots on fantasy football teams and you can not waste bench spots on severely injured players

Step 5: Additional Notes

always always always be sure all of the players you chose to play in a week are active that week...the easiest way to lose is to have inactive players starting on your fantasy football team



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