Fantasy Mask 101



Making a mask to go with your simple or Fancy garb.  A lot of people just don't want to go all the way with costumes. They've been invited to a Masquerade not necessarily a scary Halloween party. And for the ladies, well they have a special dress/out-fit they've been dieing to wear or just that dress they always ware. And for the Guys. You often want something simple. But if there is a theme Where you have to come as a wood sprite couple. Also fake or even real leaves and flowers can make an appearance. So now what ???
A trip to Hobby Lobby, Joanne's or Michaels. into your back yard. Those flowers that dried up but haven't gotten thrown away_ you know that happens~ It's not just me.******

Step 1:

1. find a simple half mask or Whole face mask. A Velvet finish is good with just a little decoration. But that's not enough.
2. wander into the fabric department.   Oh guys if it Zorro you want to be. A strip of Black Satin or Matt finish Lycra is your best friend. Just make sure you cut out the eye holes in the right place. Wear Black Tie on the Mask.
Next for everyone else
3. purchase; fabric glue or gemtac,  Now go look at fabric. you can often buy as little as 1/4 of a yard. that's a lot really.                         Pick out a base color If your ourfit is a solid color. ie red, white, black, turquoise.  Pick your most favorite color (the same or a contrast)  There are wonderful velvets and textured fabrics. Some stretchable some not. It's up to you. If you want a particular color on a mask and want it smooth then stretch fabric is very useful. I'll repeat that later just as a stress reminder.

Step 2:

The sheer fabrics pictured are not stretch. Once you've covered the mask with the base fabric (in which stretch fabric is helpful)
You don't have to worry about it.  Do not stress. This should be FUN.
Yes, Just have fun.  Extra ribbon and pearl or sequined ribbon can be bunches of dangling strands to frame your face.
or thread through your hair. Rhinestone hair clips can add to the shine. Maybe not so much if your Zorro. But who knows.

Step 3: Simple Fantastic Masks

4. purchase; fabric glue or gemtac,  Now go look at fabric. you can often buy as little as 1/4 of a yard. that's a lot really.                          There are wonderful  fabrics and trim. Look in all decorative departments. Things You can glue,  stitch,  layer and embellish. Use a hot glue gun just don't melt anything. Especially yourself.
 Dragon mask
On the Fire Dragon mask I cut out scales from different shades of sheer and added rhinestones.  The skin color fabric is sheer stretch mesh and lays behind the head. There are hidden loops on each side so it is pined into he hair.

Step 4:

5. One fabric may not be enough by it's self.  But maybe pick out a couple of sheer sparkling fabrics, colors you can see through.
 look at  trim and even package ribbons and decorations. There are lots of fake pearls and shiny bits in the holiday area that work just fine. Tiny mirrors. Bits of glass. It could be I like shiny  too much.  But maybe you do too.

Step 5:

6. I allowed the cut edges to stay for the visual effect. It looks like water. The burnt orange is like an undersea volcano.
And So Mermaid or Water Sprite or even The Green Fairy.

Also when using sheer fabric and if you like I do wear glasses. Or. You want to disguise your eyes you can cover with one layer over the eye hole.
So see ??? let the unique things show through. It makes it more interesting. And It makes it Uniquely Yours.

So Keep it simple unless you can't . And enough shiny can cover anything.   I think.



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