Farm Fresh Poached Egg With Grape Tomato and Basil Salad

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Very easy and tasty recipe.  Can be served as breakfast, brunch, or lunch.  Or when ever you feel like an easy highly nutritional meal.  I use all fresh ingredients on this one!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Recipe serves two.


4 day fresh eggs
1 C red grape tomatoes
1 C yellow grape tomatoes
1 C basil
1/4 t Hungarian banana pepper
salt and black pepper to taste
1 T white vinegar

Step 2: The Steps

1. Wash eggs, tomatoes, basil, banana pepper
2. Place one egg in pot and fill until water covers it. Remove egg, then bring water to boil.
3. Add vinegar to water
4. Break one egg into small coffee cup being careful not to break yoke. Slowly lower egg into boiling water, letting the water slowly pour into cup and then easily dump egg to bottom of pot. The vinegar will help keep the white intake with the yoke.
5. Continue to drop eggs up to four eggs at a time. Or you can do one at a time. It took me a while to master this skill. Some people say to spin the water with a spoon then slowly drop the egg in the center, I don't like that method.
6. Cook Eggs for about four minutes. The white should be a solid white color before you pull the eggs out. You want the Yellow runny this will be your sauce. (NOTE: Raw eggs may carry bacteria!) My eggs haven't killed me yet!
7. Prep salad by slicing tomatoes in half and put in bowl. Rough chop Basil and mix with tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste!
8. Mince 1/4 t of Hungarian banana pepper, set aside
9. Plating: Place two poached eggs on plate. Spoon Tomato, basil mixture over eggs. Top with a few sprigs of basil and minced banana pepper.
10. Serve! 

Step 3: Lets Eat.

Now it's time to enjoy all that hard work in the garden!  Enjoy!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I read where range free eggs are the best to buy and have the least problems with bacteria. I don't buy regular eggs anymore. When I move I will be raising my own!
    I'll bet your garden is amazing! Our garden small as it was did not produce favorably this year. I heard it was a problem even with the local farmers because of the heat. I am looking forward to next years season!