Farmer and Wife Yarn Dolls/ Creepy Scarecrow

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Step 1: What You Need

You need a yarn (any color)
A hardback book ( as big as you want but do keep in mind that will be the size of your doll)

Step 2: Wrapping

Get your hardback book and wrap yarn around it 100 times

Step 3: Tieing

Take your yarn of the book and get a piece of the access yarn and tie around the top of the head as shown int the picture this is the hair ( make it higher to the top for the farmer) tie another one to make the head
With the excess yarn cut the bottom so they will not be loops anymore

Step 4: Arms Legs and Body

Take ten strands of of each side and separate from the rest. Cut off 1/3 of the length of these strands. Tie two times on each bundle of strands: one tie on the wrist and one the elbow area. These are the arms
Now tie one more around the access yarn as far down you think it should go
separate the access into two groups do the same to the legs as you did to the arms

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