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Introduction: Fashionable Headband Tutorial

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Prepare the following materials and tools:
Metal frame headband
Golden wire "Ø about 0.5 mm"
White pearls "Ø about 0.6 cm."
Small white beads
Golden ribbon "about 50 cm."
1 Jump ring "Ø about 0.6 cm"
Silver spacers
Thin silver Chain
Small golden pendant
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Transparent thread

Step 1:

Wrap the golden wire onto the headband tightly about 4 rounds. Use the flat nose pliers to press on the wrapped wire. Slide in a pearl in the 5th round and then make again 4 wire rounds over the Headband.

Step 2:

Repeat the steps until you have enough of the pearls wrapped. Leave a space then start wrapping again onto the headband until you reach the end.

Step 3:

Use the golden ribbon and make a bow. Sew it strongly using the needle & transparent thread and settle the bow at the left empty space of the headband. Sew the small ribbon piece over the bow & headband together tightly.

Step 4:

On your head pins, slide in 1 metal spacer, 1 pearl & 1 small bead then make up a loop at the end of the head pin with the round nose pliers. Make 3 sets.

Step 5:

Cut a few centimeters of the thin chain & attach the pined pearl with spacer at one end of the chain.

Step 6:

Take a jump ring and attach the 2 pined pearls and the chain and attach to the bow. You're done! Hope you like it!

A more detailed step by step tutorial is available and you can download it for FREE HERE.

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